Name: Janet McIntosh

Age: 55

Sober Since: 6 / 1 / 4 /

Sober For: 54 Years & 187 Days

What it was like?

My life was stressful from the beginning. I'm from a loving 2 parent AA family household from the south of Mississippi. I was raised in Chicago with 4 other siblings one of which committed suicide at 17. I became pregnant the next year also at 17. My mom suffered from mental illness of which I really believe today is called extreme worry. I soon worried as well and I began stealing cigarettes from my mother. I'd sit in the bathroom smoking going over all the bad things that could happen. Which eventually happened. Soon I started stealing marijuana from my oldest sister who sold it with her boyfriend in her apartment. It all culminated into crack cocaine use years later.

What happened?

In January 1993 I was working and going to school. I was also still getting high and was only recently introduced to crack cocaine. I suddenly started having headaches and dizziness. I soon discovered I had a brain tumor. So I had surgery and came to the realization that I could've been dead and life would just go on without me So I began seeking help after multiple attempts I finally felt free.

What it is like now?

But for the Grace of God I'm here praising the name of Jesus!! Thanking Him daily for His endless Mercy. Wanting to share the message of hope and restoration to anyone suffering from anything. I've been called to share the Good News. The news that we don't have to hide sobriety anymore! It is one of the gifts of the fruit of the Holy Spirit to be shared with everyone!!!!!

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