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Addiction treatment can change your life. Don’t let finances, insurance, distance, or work get in the way of your health and happiness. Recovery can be your reality, with the help of online addiction treatment.

Are you hesitant about choosing an inpatient or outpatient rehab? Do you worry that the cost of addiction treatment is too high? Are you putting off seeking help because of responsibilities at home and work? Residential and outpatient are not the only treatment options!

There is another way—more flexible, more affordable, and still with the same quality of professional care. Find freedom from drugs and alcohol with online addiction treatment.

Similar to a traditional treatment setting, online addiction treatment connects you with licensed therapists and addiction professionals. This team will develop an individualized treatment plan, just for you! But, unlike other treatment options, online rehab is conveniently available wherever you are, and gives you access to helpful services—without having to leave your home or your job!

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Learn Why Online Addiction Treatment Is The Right Choice For You

Treatment That Goes Wherever You Are

Distance shouldn’t prevent anyone from accessing the help that they need. Rather than making arrangements to travel far from home or out of state for treatment, online addiction treatment allows you to take part in therapy, support groups, and educational sessions from wherever you are!

Online Treatment Works Around Your Schedule

It’s not always possible to put home, family, and work responsibilities on hold for addiction treatment. Or, maybe you’re looking to bolster your recovery, but can’t find the time to attend therapy or support groups. Don’t neglect your health and recovery because of a busy schedule!

High-Quality Care from Addiction Professionals

Online addiction treatment is held to the same, high quality standards as traditional rehabs—staffed with licensed counselors, therapists, interventionists, and addiction specialists of all kinds. These experts use their experience in the treatment field to provide equally high-quality care through online treatment.

How Does Online Addiction Treatment Work?

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    We collect clients’ medical and substance use histories, to better assess their treatment needs.

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    The information collected during assessment will help us to create an individualized treatment plan, including both online treatment activities and involvement with family and the community.

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    We will discuss the treatment plan with you in depth. Every step of the way, we will be there to help guide you and hold you accountable.

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    Every month, we will review your treatment plan and your progress with you, then adjust your plan accordingly.

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    Upon completion of your online addiction treatment, we will help set you up for success by making a discharge plan. Recovery is a life-long process. By creating a plan for after treatment, we can help you build a sober life that will last.

Why Choose Online Addiction Treatment?

Too often, the time and money required by an inpatient or outpatient rehab discourage people from seeking help. Some people can’t fit treatment and therapy sessions into their schedules. Some can’t afford to travel to a rehab facility. And, some may just not feel comfortable in a treatment facility or with face-to-face therapy sessions.

Online addiction treatment eliminates many of the obstacles posed by time, money, or lack of privacy. Our addiction professionals guide you through every step of the process, but you have ultimate control over where and when your treatment and therapy sessions will happen. If you or a loved one is seeking treatment for substance abuse, there are many reasons to choose online addiction treatment.

There’s no need to search for and choose a specific treatment facility, because you can participate in online treatment from your own home—or anywhere that has an internet connection! Whether you’re trying to get sober or you’ve been sober for some time, online addiction treatment can build a stronger foundation for your recovery.

Just because online addiction treatment is more flexible and affordable, that doesn’t mean the quality of care and services will suffer. Much like in a clinical rehab setting, online addiction treatment offers intensive therapy, life skills and education about addiction. Clients have more freedom in their day-to-day lives, which can actually help with the transition into living a sober life.

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