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2016 Is Not Killing People

DISCLOSURE - Sober Nation is not the original author of this article. This was syndicated from an article on Medium, published by Jude Anne. Please go to her profile and follow her for more of her writing. I have a very unpopular opinion. It is not 2016 that is to blame for many of our favorite icons dying and … [Read More...]

3 Fun Ways to Face Addiction

Plan Dinner, Watch a Movie, and Listen on the Go. What’s up #recoverywarriors!? It has been a long time since I have had the chance to write to all of you here in Sober Nation and I am pumped to be back at it.  I am about to share some really exciting ways we can work together as a community. Here at Rise … [Read More...]

Recovery’s Newest Hotspot: Tennessee and the City of Nashville

The recovery community is global, but there are some areas where recovery thrives and community support is especially strong. Many people have known South Florida as the Recovery Capital of the World—because of it’s treatment resources and the sheer number of people who stay in the area to build new lives in … [Read More...]


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