Name: Donna Feeney

Age: 44

Sober Since: 03 / 29 / 2013

Sober For: 10 Years & 256 Days

What it was like?

At first it brought my confidence out and I loved been the life of the party until one drink wasn't enough.

What happened?

Drink came into my life at a young age about six or seven. It started of at family gatherings by the age of 18 drink already had a grip of me on a daily basis. Cans of special brew wine cider. But then I met the man of my dreams but he also was a drinker and our drinking became problematic and chaotic living a lie for 23 yrs in denial that I was an alcoholic and Co dependant and violence became normal on a daily basis. 3 an 1/2 bottles of vodka I was doing on a daily basis seven days a week. On Oct 14th 2012 social services came and removed my children from my care. But that still didn't make me stop and had to do contact with the kids in supervised rooms. I couldn't bring them home from school it was mad. The only way to get my kids back was to remain sober and better my life. It was easier said than done.

What it is like now?

Now I'm 3 yrs 8mnth clean and totally blessed and free from my addiction. I'm grateful for everything I have in my life now, my children are back in my life now after a four year battle. I've done my level 3 health and social care volunteering at different services my life has changed around for the better by next year I will be in full-time employment. I have an amazing recovery family for support and I love been apart of the recovery community, but most of all putting drugs and drink down was easy seeing my children fight argue and laugh together under one roof is the best medicine to become a sober parent

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