Oct 20, 2014 | By Tim Stoddart

7 Reasons Why Being Sober Is Sexy


7 Reasons Why Sober Is Sexy

What does it mean to be sexy?

In today’s world, where every picture is edited and every model is photo-shopped, it can be easy to lose perspective on what sexy or attractive qualities are. Being sexy can mean a lot of different things, and sober people have lots of sexy qualities.

We always make sure we point out that recovery is more than just not drinking or drugging. We want people to enjoy their lives, to feel good about themselves and to be happy and healthy. Recovery is about living!

Here is why being sober is sexy.

1. You Look Damn Good

When you give up the booze and drugs, the first thing you get back is your physical health. Your body weight will regulate, your skin will look better and your eyes will have life in them. You will look so damn good you will be sparkling.

Here are just a few examples of before and after pics that have been sent to us by fans.


2. You Will Actually Have Some Money

Let’s be honest, being financially stable is important.

Now that you have stopped spending every dollar, quarter and penny on dope (wish I was kidding about that) you have some extra cash in your pocket.

With some time in recovery, you will even learn how to manage your money. With all that money you are saving you have built up a savings account, you have money to go on trips. You can afford a new car. Look at you go!!!

3. You’re One Tough S.O.B

They say that your struggles develop your strengths. If suffering builds strength than people who have experienced addiction and have persevered are among the toughest there are. What could possibly ever happen to us that is harder than getting and staying sober? Nada…

Mental strength and dealing with pain is something that we are good at. Our past and our struggles become a foundation for us to build upon.

rock bottom

4. You Are Totally Comfortable Just Being Yourself

Isn’t this why we would use in the first place? We were uncomfortable, we had to fill the void and we wanted to fit in. We don’t live that way anymore.

With some work and some self-reflection, sober people learn who they are and they learn to love themselves. There is something very sexy about a man or a woman who knows who they are, who doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone and is comfortable in their own skin. Being comfortable leaves you feeling confident in yourself. That is sexy.

confidence is sexy
image source: firstcovers.com

5. You are Understanding, Compassionate and you Help People

Some people are jerks. But not you…

The people I have met in recovery are without a doubt the most considerate, understanding, helpful and most willing to listen people that I have ever met. We use our past and our hardships to help other people.

When people are willing to sacrifice their time for the sake of helping other people… well that’s just awesome.

6. Because You’re Not Drunk

We would never say there is anything wrong with alcohol. If you chose to drink that’s fine and you have every right.

We are just saying that maybe being loaded isn’t as hot and as cool as we once thought it was. It feels good not to be the guy passed out on the floor.

drunk guy

7. You Just All Around Have Your Shit Together

What could possibly be sexier, than a man or woman who has their life together?

  • You’re sober, confident and stable. You show up on time and you’re responsible.
  • You admit your mistakes and every day you are trying to be a better person.
  • You help people and you’re not too proud to ask for help yourself.
  • A class act you are. You got sober. You are a survivor. You learned from your past and have turned it into strength.

You should be very proud of yourself!!! We are proud of you!!

Stay Sober. Stay Sexy

41 responses to “7 Reasons Why Being Sober Is Sexy

  • Tyler Hurst

    10 years ago

    I think you nailed it with the “you just ha e your shit togehther but, how about the fact that you can handle emotions and a relationship while your sober? Being sexy is important sure. ” If I think I look good, then I feel good” but, if you have someone to look sexy for then it makes it all worth while.

  • like this website its good but I been sober for 10 mnths and im getting withdraws back don’t want to go back to drugs I need a female that is going through the same thing that I am if your going through the same thing hit me up on here

    • You should look for a sponsor (male) not female. Before you can even consider a relationship I would work on the twitch to relapse

    • itsJennMann9913

      9 years ago

      Hey! I dnt really kno how to privately msg u but I GET what ur going thru and we can chat anytime if u tell me how. ..?

    • Hello. I have the same things happening. Hmu on FB.
      Shelley Chosa Mayes

  • To the above posts. Congrats on being sober. My only recommendation is that you do it for you. You don’t need to look sexy for someone else. Be sexy for yourself and they will find you sexy. As for findings ng someone to go through recovery with….that is just a bad idea. That sounds like codependence. Do it. For you. Not for someone else.

  • I wish this was printable. A close relative who lives with us is killing himself with alcohol and making for a very tense household. But he isn’t at all computer savvy.

    • Copy/paste to notepad…you won’t get the pictures but you can get the writing.

      • Floyd Ellis Sr.

        8 years ago

        I have been soba for 27 years now,and I have had the best time of my life.Sometimes I dont fit in,but I understand that I am going the other way.I have been judged,but I also understand that goes with just being soba.Some days are flat,for a while,but when I wake up,its like a breath of fresh air.Its good to be on the side where you can see both sides,because you have been there,and you dont want to misjudge people,or think that you are better then them.I like the balance I have.

  • AdrianCampos: I know how you feel. I currently am struggling to stay sober, every damn day. But it DOES get easier. The longer you stay sober the more you grow to hate the addiction you once again and never want to go back. Stay strong. WE got this!

  • Chrissy Moss

    10 years ago

    Thank God every day for my sobriety Amen 12 year’s June 5th 2015

  • just got done reading this and being sober at a young age. Very well written. I am 49 and have been sober for almost 25 years when I hit 50 years old it will be 25. That’s half my lifetime but it’s my daughters full lifetimes. Life is what you make of it.

  • Marijuana mad man

    10 years ago

    I smoke marijuana every day of every living second. And I have more money saved up and a nicer car than %95 of the kids at my school. I also pay for everything I own. I work hard. But I play harder. I am much farther along the way that the majority of the kids my age. I’m 18 years old as well. I have a full time job I work 5-6 everyday. I support myself completely. There’s nothing wrong with living in a different state of mind. Life’s gonna pass you by, so quit bitchin bout the day you’ll die. Go out and fucking live.

    • Tim Stoddart

      10 years ago

      I think you will find most of us agree with you and I am not sure what you are so upset about. Do you buddy, no one is judging you.

    • Hey buddy should never put down people in the fellowship, nor try to brag about what you have. Seems like your trying to impress yourself; with your work ethic and money. I can tell you there are people who get high everyday and are very successful, but that doesn’t mean you will be at 18. Your brain is still of an adolescent. My advice don’t try to tell people to get high also try not doing weed see how much more your sales go up. Best of Luck….

  • OneLuv1234

    10 years ago

    You say this because you don’t have a problem, your state of mind is clear. Many people choose to live sober lives because drugs and alcohol have taken over.

  • This article is bullshit. I’ve been clean 14 months and life fucking sucks and is boring as hell. I have a job, money, and a car now when I had nothing before plus go to meetings, work the steps, blah blah blah! It’s miserable people. The only thing true on here is number 2.

    • 5years&lovingit

      9 years ago

      You’re sitting at the buffet. If you’re starving, it’s your own fault.

  • ChangingWays

    10 years ago

    For the last 16 months ive had a serious addiction and dependancy to oxycodone, heroin or any kind of opiate i can get my hands on to kill the withdrawal. Im only 21 and it has everything i worked for, everything ive dreamed of in absolute shambles, my relationships are down the drain, bank accounts dead empty always. Its taken everything away from me, its the devil himself grabbing your soul. I hate what the monster ive become, i miss my old self every morning when i wake up dopesick. I was naive in thinking it couldnt happen to me, no ones immune to dependancy, please people think before you do, especially people around my age. Do you want to live your young adulthood addicted to trash or learning new experiences and meeting new people like normal people do. Ive tried to quit god knows!!!! Ive tried i cant get past day 2 ever, the withdrawal and pain is to much to handle and im a strong person. Everyone deserves a better life then that. If anyone has experienced opiate dependancy in there life please im all ears for tips and advice. I want to be normal again 🙁

    • If your addicted to heroin or opiates get suboxin it is an opiate blocker it makes you not get sick and you cant get high if you use. Its the only thing ive found that helped me to actually get clean. Im 33 days sober from a pretty bad heroin addiction. I would highly recommend it.

      • itsJennMann9913

        9 years ago

        Drug replacement therapies do work, if u do them short term. I have A LOT of experience wit this…please be careful and ween off ASAP, go to mtgs, work steps. ..it’s LONG TERM recovery as opposed to switching drugs that will afford u an amazing life! Stay safe

    • itsJennMann9913

      9 years ago

      I’m a recovering heroin addict. I understand that fear of being dope sick, 100%. I lived my life like a zombie teeing to just get well for 5 years. .age 20-25. I went to rehab in 2011 and did EVERYTHING they told me to. I’m still clean. ..I thought I’d die wit a needle in my arm…there is hope, there is a different way! The drugs will KILL u, the withdrawal WON’T! Being dope sick is a consequence of using, but it passes. I believe in u!

  • jeez Spencer. Sounds like you haven’t started your step work. I’m sure you were an incredibly happy drunk.

  • @Spencer
    Life in recovery absolutely sucks… When you don’t have gratitude and purpose! Living with purpose makes everything worth it!

  • @changingwayshereisadvice

    10 years ago

    I feel your pain. Iv really do. Iv had the Sabre thought as you do and was the same way could never get past day 2 until now. As of today I am 4 weeks sober. By choice. I got money and resources but was tired of being tired. I bought some suboxones off the street at first. They are expensive but well worth the money. I did 200 a day for 5 years on 10/325 norco so 10 bucks a day ain’t shit. If you do not have a source for suboxone on the street Google suboxone doctor near your area and call the clinics get into one. If u have medicaid/medical card or insurance it will cover it. That’s what I did and honestly I feel great. It’s a whole different feeling. Hope that helps you somehow. Good luck

  • This artical is awsome!!!! I have two years sober, work an amazing program and although life still happens…. i can deal with it now…. i was homeless on the streets with a vicious heroin addiction i now have a job my own place and the ability to be there for myself and others…. look its not easy im a waitress workin for tips guys but keep at it…. god does amazing things!!!!

  • Find support to find purpose!
    Good search start now!
    Appreciate YOU!

  • Today is 16 years uninterrupted sobriety for me. My last drink/drug was on my 40th Bday, 12/30/99.
    I finally stopped trying to stop and started to start living a clean and sober life!

  • This is so true- I am 3 months sober and am more and more proud of myself, mentally stable, and for the first time I actually have goals and a good job that I plan on keeping until I can move up in my field. My relationships with my family and friends get better every day, my confidence has sky rocketted, and I feel connections with people every day. Thank god for sobriety <3 ps if I can do it, anyone can!

  • ronald penemick

    9 years ago

    sober for 7yrs , one day at a time through recovery, abstinence and sobriety and today. Grateful for a wonderful program. ty

  • I would congratulate everyone who chooses to stay sober and not dependent. My partner is 26 days sober and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He’s done it for him not for me. We’ve only just started working through our problems. The fact he is sober, responsible and so stand up has made me respect him so much more and i couldn’t love him anymore than I do. Everyone has a lifes path to follow and you are never alone if you wish to give up your dependence there is always help inside yourself and a source of strength you never even knew you had. Good luck all xx

  • Great Article! When I was asked at a group level why do I chose sobriety, my knee jerk response was, “I don’t. I chose life. And I don’t have a life without sobriety.” It was natural, intuitive and I knew I got it! Thank you for sharing.

  • I felt sober and sexy, but very anxious. That was until, after nine months, I started drinking wine again just like I did before I stopped. I do think there are many ways, besides AA to get sober or even moderate, but I have to say I feel bad I did not stay sober. There was a special feeling in staying sober, and I lost it, again. That was the longest time, now what? I know I can get back on track, but how, moderate, stop and join AA , which I despise, go it alone? Help! Please, don’t tell me go to meetings, get a sponsor, etc, other non-twelve step help would be helpful. I went to a non twelve step holistic rehab and have the tools, but it is using them that is the problem. I just want the pleasure.

    • I “tired out” sobriety for a couple weeks at a time, on and off. Feeling really great when I was able to stop drinking and then feeling really sad, lonely, isolated, and frankly, quite ashamed when I was drinking. One morning, hungover, I said to myself, I don’t want this to be my story. I am a generational drunk. I do not want to pass this on.

      I did not want to go to AA. I felt like I was to young, to professional, too on my high horse for AA. So I didn’t go. I did go online and researched AA. I read a ton about other people and their journey. I made goals for myself, my career, my budget, exercise, none for sobriety. I never set a time frame (which was different from previous times) I just focused on my non-alcohol related goals and took it one day at a time.

      It’s scary. about two months in I had a mini panic attach while running. All of a sudden all the horrible memories of completely insane things I had done while inebriated races through my mine. I felt hungover at that moment. So, it’s scary. But when you’re ready to handle those emotions, they will come and you will work through it. You cannot force the process. It may take a few more tries before the time is exactly right. Stick to it. You will find your way.

      Be well <3

    • Karen Marzonie Palmer

      5 years ago

      Don’t tell you to go to AA, but you can’t seem to get it back?
      Well I guess I’ll tell you what everybody else tells you… go to AA get a sponsor work the steps…. then see how you feel….. what do you hate worse AAor your current life…

  • I am sober for 7 days, I was drinking until oblivion. I decided on 12-1-15 after a binge in Las Vegas, I wanted to be sober. Frankly it was for my girlfriend I asked her how can I make our relationship work. She said don’t get wasted. She said I don’t care if you have a drink just don’t get wasted. I decided I am tired of getting wasted. It has been easy for me to be sober, when the time is right to get sober you will, not until then. I still have plenty of booze in the house, I still go to the bar, I just order Club soda and lime, I go to football games and tailgate. Most importantly, I am happy with myself!!!

  • 18 January 2015 is my quitting date , sober for 1 year and I lost 25 kg ditched 10 prescription medicines at the same time.
    I passed the fittest for the cops with flying colours.
    I was a size 16 (Aus) now a size 8 (AUS)
    I can do 55x push ups in one set! (I am female 40 years old)
    I do 90 sit ups every day
    I can run 4 km in 20 minutes
    I can do 20 chin ups
    I NEVER have to worry to get breathalised!
    I am OFF the anti depressants
    I have inspired many people along the way

  • I am 7 months sober and about to crawl out of my skin. I look for inspirational pages such as this one to help me with the worst of it. Thanks guys. I am also willing to talk to anyone out there taking it a minute at a time. Need sober friends here!!!! Please reply

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