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      Putting Recovery On The Map

      10-20-14 | By

      7 Reasons Why Being Sober Is Sexy

      7 Reasons Why Sober Is Sexy

      What does it mean to be sexy?

      In today’s world, where every picture is edited and every model is photo-shopped, it can be easy to lose perspective on what sexy or attractive qualities are. Being sexy can mean a lot of different things, and sober people have lots of sexy qualities.

      We always make sure we point out that recovery is more than just not drinking or drugging. We want people to enjoy their lives, to feel good about themselves and to be happy and healthy. Recovery is about living!

      Here is why being sober is sexy.

      1. You Look Damn Good

      When you give up the booze and drugs, the first thing you get back is your physical health. Your body weight will regulate, your skin will look better and your eyes will have life in them. You will look so damn good you will be sparkling.

      Here are just a few examples of before and after pics that have been sent to us by fans.


      2. You Will Actually Have Some Money

      Let’s be honest, being financially stable is important.

      Now that you have stopped spending every dollar, quarter and penny on dope (wish I was kidding about that) you have some extra cash in your pocket.

      With some time in recovery, you will even learn how to manage your money. With all that money you are saving you have built up a savings account, you have money to go on trips. You can afford a new car. Look at you go!!!

      3. You’re One Tough S.O.B

      They say that your struggles develop your strengths. If suffering builds strength than people who have experienced addiction and have persevered are among the toughest there are. What could possibly ever happen to us that is harder than getting and staying sober? Nada…

      Mental strength and dealing with pain is something that we are good at. Our past and our struggles become a foundation for us to build upon.

      rock bottom

      4. You Are Totally Comfortable Just Being Yourself

      Isn’t this why we would use in the first place? We were uncomfortable, we had to fill the void and we wanted to fit in. We don’t live that way anymore.

      With some work and some self-reflection, sober people learn who they are and they learn to love themselves. There is something very sexy about a man or a woman who knows who they are, who doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone and is comfortable in their own skin. Being comfortable leaves you feeling confident in yourself. That is sexy.

      confidence is sexy
      image source:

      5. You are Understanding, Compassionate and you Help People

      Some people are jerks. But not you…

      The people I have met in recovery are without a doubt the most considerate, understanding, helpful and most willing to listen people that I have ever met. We use our past and our hardships to help other people.

      When people are willing to sacrifice their time for the sake of helping other people… well that’s just awesome.

      6. Because You’re Not Drunk

      We would never say there is anything wrong with alcohol. If you chose to drink that’s fine and you have every right.

      We are just saying that maybe being loaded isn’t as hot and as cool as we once thought it was. It feels good not to be the guy passed out on the floor.

      drunk guy

      7. You Just All Around Have Your Shit Together

      What could possibly be sexier, than a man or woman who has their life together?

      • You’re sober, confident and stable. You show up on time and you’re responsible.
      • You admit your mistakes and every day you are trying to be a better person.
      • You help people and you’re not too proud to ask for help yourself.
      • A class act you are. You got sober. You are a survivor. You learned from your past and have turned it into strength.

      You should be very proud of yourself!!! We are proud of you!!

      Stay Sober. Stay Sexy


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