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      Putting Recovery On The Map

      01-19-15 | By

      Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Centers

      intensive outpatient centers

      There may be certain situations where a traditional inpatient drug treatment program may not be the ideal fit for someone that has substance abuse or dependence issues. For example, those who aren’t in need of medical detoxification services may not be well served by traditional drug treatment that is offered by many treatment facilities. Additionally, inpatient drug treatment may not be beneficial for those who have important work or family commitment where any length of absence could cause significant and negative impacts on a personal and professional level. For people who fall into these situations, seeking treatment at an intensive outpatient center can provide the level of treatment they need that is tailored to their unique situation.

      How Do Intensive Outpatient Centers Benefit Addicts?

      The intensive outpatient treatment model of drug treatment is highly adaptable to several situations as can benefit addicts who are seeking treatment for their substance abuse addiction. As stated in the introduction, intensive outpatient programs—also known as IOP’s—are recommended for those clients who may not require any form of medical detoxification or may not have any diagnosed or underlying mental or physical disorders which impact their functioning. Secondly, those who undergo intensive outpatient treatment can do so while still being able to fulfill their work and family commitments.

      Intensive outpatient drug treatment can also be utilized as part of an aftercare program in which those who graduate from inpatient drug treatment can enter an intensive outpatient program. The purpose of this application is to ease the newly recovering addict back into their normal lives and daily routines. These above-mentioned factors show the flexibility that intensive outpatient addiction treatment programs can have for clients in a number of situations.

      What Activities and Services Do Intensive Outpatient Programs Provide To Clients?

      For those who undergo treatment at an intensive outpatient addiction program, patients will receive counseling and therapy primarily in a small group setting. However, patients can also be assigned an individual counselor for meetings and counseling on a regular, weekly basis. Many intensive outpatient programs are also Twelve-Step based programs in clients are encouraged to attend Twelve Step meetings such as AA, NA or other similar self-help groups. With this type of treatment, newly recovering addicts will be able to build a foundation of recovery and support immediately upon leaving formal drug treatment.

      Intensive outpatient programs have experienced and licensed counselors that are on staff and are able to tailor individualized recovery programs that will allow each client to continue developing the essential life and coping skills that are needed for use outside of treatment and in their day-to-day lives. There are many areas and topics that are covered during a client’s time at an intensive outpatient center. The topics that can be covered with clients can include the following:

      • Understanding the concept of relapse and relapse prevention
      • How to manage urges and cravings
      • Understanding how addiction affects brain chemistry
      • The progression of the disease of addiction
      • Understanding and application of the Twelve Steps in recovery
      • Family counseling and education programs
      • Spirituality
      • Co-occurring mental and physical disorders that can underlying substance use
      • The stages of change

      In addition to these topics, intensive outpatient-based programs can also cover emotional management, the legal issues regarding substance abuse addiction, personal responsibility and self-efficacy, the psychological and sociological consequences of drug abuse and the development of healthier alternative to drinking and drug use.

      How Long Will an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program Last?

      Traditionally, clients who go to programming at an intensive outpatient addiction center will meet regularly for a period of several weeks. On average, these counselors and clients meet on an average of 4 days a week or more depending on the program. For each session patients will be in programming for 3 or 4 hours per session for a total length of time generally being 10-12 weeks. Many facilities that offer an IOP will offer both day and evening programming, making it an even more accessible treatment option for patients.

      Intensive outpatient centers often operate their programming on what is called a step down or a declining intensity program. In this concept, those who are newly recovering will meet with counselors on a daily basis in order to get through the earliest parts of the recovery process, which usually are the most fearful and shaky for the addict. As the addict grows stronger, treatment and counseling steps down in intensity as confidence and independence are gained and as the addict is ready to resume their daily life.

      Are Intensive Outpatient Centers Spiritually Based?

      With the inclusion of Twelve Step work and meetings as part of many intensive outpatient programs, there may be some people who ask if intensive outpatient centers are spiritually based. For the most part, these centers and the programs they provide are non-denominational and the centers themselves are not religious or spiritual centers. Treatment is based on scientifically proven methods that can encompass spiritual concepts, but these programs do not have a religious base.

      Sober Nation Can Help You Find an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

      If you or a loved one is dealing with and struggling with substance abuse and addiction, the process of finding the best treatment options can be a difficult process filled with stress and worry. If you are seeking an intensive outpatient center for yourself or a loved one, Sober Nation can help. As the leading provider of addiction treatment and recovery resources on the internet, our goal is to help the struggling addict and their family by offering a wide range of innovate online tools and resources so you can get the help you need. Let Sober Nation help you and your family today; call us toll-free at 1-866-207-7436.


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