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      Putting Recovery On The Map

      01-19-15 | By

      Christian Based Addiction Treatment Centers

      christian rehab centers

      For many who are seeking treatment for their drug addiction, their search for the best treatment center that fits their individual and unique needs can be a challenge. In addition to trying to find treatment facilities that offer the best in counseling, therapy and aftercare programs, there are some addicts who are seeking a strong spiritual element as part of their addiction recovery program. For those who have strong Christian backgrounds, the traditional 12 Step programs that are offered may not provide enough of a spiritual base they need to help overcome their addiction. Fortunately, there are an increasing number of Christian Addiction Treatment Centers that are available for them to undergo drug treatment.

      What Are Christian-Based Addiction Treatment Centers?

      Those drug treatment centers which utilize a Christian addiction treatment model operate with the philosophy that effective drug treatment is possible by combining traditional alcohol and drug counseling the therapy programs with a Christ-centered teachings. This merging of treatment philosophies is provided in a safe and therapeutic setting so clients can feel the unconditional love acceptance of Christ, and this love with help in the healing process so that the client can learn to forgive themselves for their addictive behavior.

      The Benefits of Christian Addiction Treatment Programs

      For those individuals to undergo treatment at a Christ-based addiction treatment center, there are a couple of major benefits these types of addiction facilities can provide the addict or alcoholic. Christ-based rehabilitation centers operate from the same spiritual values the addict holds, and this will help the addict or alcoholic support and encouragement as they seek help with their addiction. Those attending Christian addiction programs are able to talk freely and openly to staff about their religious concerns as well as their psychological and physical needs. This is important if order for the addict to start the process of forgiveness from God for the way the acted towards themselves and others while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

      The other advantage of Christian-based recovery facilities is that other addicts and alcoholics in the program holds similar Christian beliefs and values. The addict will be able to form friendships and engage in fellowship with other believers who are going through similar experiences. This strengthens an addict’s faith and allows the addict to realize that many people who believe in God struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Those who are in these types of drug and alcohol programs can also support and inspire others who are going through the program.

      After formal treatment concludes, those in recovery are able to continue engaging in fellowship with other group members in aftercare programs. The continuing support gives meaning to their struggles with substance abuse and they may feel like they were chosen by God to help others who are suffering. In fact, after recovering with drug or alcohol addiction many former addicts start believing that their difficulties were part of God’s plan for them.

      What is Included in a Christ-Center Drug Treatment Program

      If you or a loved one is considered entering a drug addiction program that is Christ-based, the following are some services that are unique to these types of treatment programs:

      • Individual counseling that addresses shame, guilt and forgiveness in addiction and provides the life and coping skills necessary to deal with the challenges of day-to-day life.
      • Primary group counseling sessions up to several times a week which are led by a Christ-centered counselor.
      • Regular bible study to help clients explore God’s Word and apply God’s teaching to recovery.
      • Step work which involves the Twelve Steps.
      • Attendance at local church services to build fellowship and community.
      • Family counseling and therapy

      There are also group activities in which they may attend church services and even can participate in monthly baptisms and attend concerts and lectures featuring Christian artists and speakers. These Christ-centered types of programming is integrated with traditional approaches and can include:

      • Medical detoxification services
      • Dual diagnoses and treatment
      • The option of inpatient or outpatient treatment
      • Cognitive-Behavior Therapy and other therapeutic options
      • Relapse prevention education

      Other Considerations

      Besides the faith-based programming and traditional counseling and therapy that a Christian-based addiction treatment facility can offer an addict or alcoholic, there are other things that people need to consider before undergoing treatment:

      • The recovery programs should be evidence-based and their effectiveness should be documented through independent studies conducted by trusted agencies outside of the treatment facility.
      • Christ-based treatment programs should have low counselor-to-client ratios. This will ensure that clients will receive the utmost in attention and care.
      • If these facilities offer medical detoxification services, they must have the proper licensing to operate and medical staff should be experienced, trained and have the proper credentialing to provide detox services.
      • Ideally, these treatment programs should have established aftercare programs for people to have easier transitions into the normal lives and routines. These aftercare programs should include individual and group counseling and continue to build on the life and coping skills that were established in formal treatment.
      • Christian addiction treatment centers should accept most forms of insurance. If a patient doesn’t have coverage, these facilities should offer some form of scholarship, have alternate funding sources or can institute special payment options so anybody can receive quality treatment.

      Sober Nation Is Your Resource for Information on Christian Based Addiction Programs

      Finding the best Christian based addiction program can be difficult without having resources that provide the best in information and guidance. Sober Nation is the leading recovery resource and addiction treatment in the country and can provide you and your family with a comprehensive directory of Christian addiction treatment programs that are available nationwide. Our goal is to assist the struggling addict and their family in providing the necessary information, resources and support. Please call Sober Nation today at 1-866-207-7436.


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