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Putting Recovery On The Map

03-19-19 | By

11 Things Every Sober Person Should Add to Their Bucket List

When we get sober, we begin to experience the fullness of life again. We’ve gained our full potential back – and then some. What was once a glum existence imprisoned by drugs and alcohol, is now a second chance at life to live to the fullest. For so long, most of us made sweet promises, resolutions, and commitments to put the drink down or follow through with certain things we wanted to do. Now, with the world at our fingertips, the possibilities are endless, and anything is achievable – as long as we’re sober.

Recovery can be difficult, and some of these things can take awhile to attain – but thank God for bucket lists. No matter what, our recovery should come first, however, each of us should dare to dream, set goals, and achieve them. Many of us often got out of this habit of dreaming – after all none of our dreams came to fruition due to our using. We’ve either conditioned ourselves that we are failures, or have a fear of success. What would we do with success? Do we deserve it? We’ve been given a second chance. Of course we do.

Life is meant to be lived. Break the status quo. Dream, achieve, create, and succeed.

Here’s a list of 10 things every sober person should add to their bucket list.

Participate In a Color Run

Want to actually see life in color? Go on a color run.

Go Skydiving

Talk about living life to the fullest.

Roadtrip With Your Favorite Sober People

See the country via passenger seat dance parties and 90’s mixtapes.

Get A Degree

After all, you’ve got to be smart to have gotten away with what you did for that long.

Watch The Sunrise At The Beach

There’s nothing more beautiful.

Visit Your Favorite Country

Get your passport ready.

Learn How To Play An Instrument

Get those creative juices flowin.

Camp Under The Northern Lights

Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Write A Book

After all, you’ve probably got a lot of stories to tell.

Start A Small Business

You had one idea to get sober. Where will the next idea take you?

Change Someone’s Life

Who changed yours?


Reboot Your Recovery