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      Putting Recovery On The Map

      02-05-16 | By

      The ASCENT Phone App: Recovery and Relapse Prevention Gone Mobile

      New Relapse Prevention Phone App

      A new addiction recovery service is using the almighty power of the phone app to help those who are sober to maintain long-term recovery.

      The ASCENT phone app, which combines around-the-clock virtual support from a team of experienced peer coaches, had announced in a press release this past Tuesday they just completed hiring their coaching staff and have announced the first wave of customers. The app, which uses software that was created by researchers at the University of Wisconsin, allows those in recovery new support by utilizing a phone app that is directly connected to a center that is staffed with peer coaches substance abuse and recovery experience.

      With just a touch of a button, clients can access advice from coaches, get ideas for practical challenges that can help strengthen their recovery, and addiction intervention options. Among the many features of the ASCENT phone app it that it provides a daily question that will give clients the opportunity to alert their coaches if they are feeling vulnerable to a relapse. Through the use of the ASCENT phone app, people in various stages of sobriety can connect with peer coaches as well as the larger recovery community in order to help stay motivated and on course with their recovery.

      This latest recovery-based phone app is another relapse prevention resource that recovering people can use to bolster their chances of maintaining their sobriety. The early stages of recovery after a person leaves the structure and security of a drug rehab facility is a period of time when the recovering addict is most vulnerable to relapse. It is estimated that as many as 90 percent of recovering addicts will experience a relapse within their first year.

      The creators of the ASCENT phone app believe that through constant connection with those who are actively practicing and supportive of recovery, the chances of those in recovery backsliding to active substance use will be greatly diminished. The phone app is not meant to be a stand-alone recovery program; it is seen as a supplement to existing programs.

      The creators of ASCENT are serious in their commitment in providing an excellent relapse prevention tool. The one on one coaching that is offered through the app are based on evidence-based models and the peer coaches that are selected to participate undergo a comprehensive screening process and undergo an extensive training program.

      The coaches that are a part of the support team have extensive clean and sober time and have “lived through it”. Additionally, the staff at ASCENT preforms regular and strict quality assurance in order to keep their brand and the services they provide at the highest standards.

      As stated earlier, the ASCENT mobile app is to be utilized as a supplementary part of an overall plan of recovery. ASCENT helps provide support for recovery people who undergo drug treatment programming and receive counseling and behavioral therapy, case management and other services. The app can also be used by those who are going through drug court as well as those who are a part of federally qualified health centers.

      Currently, the app in initially rolling out in Ohio and being used by the Lake County Drug Court and the Chardron (OH) Municipal Court. The ASCENT app is also being used by New Directions, who provides addiction treatment services to  adolescents and their families dealing with emotional, behavioral, or psychiatric needs.


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