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Putting Recovery On The Map

Name: Helen Ann Newlin

Age: 52

Sober Since: 08 / 03 / 2002

Sober For: 18 Years & 52 Days

What it was like?

Its wonderful to have a good life clean sober, grateful and blessed.I put the 8/3/2020 because that is my 18yrs free of drugs and alcohol

What happened?

I was tired of the same ol same ol. It was hurting me and my kids and family, and enough was enough and I made a decision to change and stick with it this last time

What it is like now?

My name is Helen ann Newlin. I am free from Drugs and Alcohol since August of 2002 making it 17yrs of forever. It wasn't easy, but I was tired of the revolving door of courts, jail and prisons.Ive' been in State and Federal prisons from embezzlement, which supported my habit at the time.I've been in the rooms of NA and my Faith in God is what did it.Staying clean reminded me of my why. I'm now a jail detention volunteer for the past 11rs.. I had to wait 5yrs after I got out of the Raleigh, NC Correctional Center in August of 2003. When I got home,my probation officer helped me get my first job pressing clothes.I kept that job for 3 years while living in a women's shelter. Got my kids back, my car that the dealership kept, an apartment and was welcomed my children and I at the ministry I'm at now Life Changing International Church where the Pastor is Anthony and Lady Yolanda Stephenson.I was given an opportunity to manage a Sonic restaurant , when others said I wouldn't.I let in good standing and pursued my CNA license as I worked in an assisted living facility. Moved on to receive my Med Assistant degree with a 3.58GPA, not bad for a former crack addict.I moved on to receive a job in customer care, knowing my past record.I had many no's and doors shut in my face, but I held on to the ones that opened with a yes. I'm on our Praise and Worship, choir/music ministry. I was honored to give my testimony at one of our jail ministry banquets on how it helped my life when I was incarcerated.I had the opportunity of going back to the shelter where I and my kids lived with my Elder who was laid to rest today 1/29/2020. She was my mentor, and other mom of 20yrs and she loved to help people and be a blessing.I talked and encouraged the women to let them know they can do it too from addiction, incarceration, homelessness or anything that others say they cant do. My family and I have been on the 700 club, in 2013 and it still airs. It is entitled, An embezzler's Redemption. It is on youtube with 2 of my children. It says Helen Burton when I was married. I have an encouraging page on Facebook entitled @Womenwhoaredailysurviving overcomers. to inspire women around the world. My book came out Jan25th worldwide entitled "A Daily Surviving Overcomer".It gives the women the reassurance that they can start a new. These are the sites it is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Wal-Mart, Ebay, BAM books a million Xulon Publishing, and Powell books.Men, it's blessing you all to by what I've been told. It's a narrow road, but as mentioned, our higher power Jesus Christ, determination of the heart, and to come out on the other side a new? I'm a witness, it can be done, All things are possible. Blessings to you all and thank you for letting me share

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