Name: Elliott

Age: 36

Sober Since: 11 / 02 / 2021

Sober For: 2 Years & 117 Days

What it was like?

Life is horrible, drinking drinking a 12 pack a night was 7 to 12 shots every day since I was 18 waking up with the shakes dry heaving. I was thinking about when I was going to get my next drink where I can get my next shot. well, they have alcohol. Do I have enough alcohol

What happened?

Somebody’s and I decided to get sober we had enough my liver was on the decline so where my kidneys so we all got sober in September and I fell off in October continue to drink the whole month and decided I need to do this on my own and got sober in November 2, 2021

What it is like now?

I just celebrated two years of sobriety. Life is amazing no more hangovers no more shakes. I can wake up early in the morning I can have fun. I have extra money. My relationship with my wife is stronger than it’s ever been. I’ve lost some friends but made new ones, every day is a blessing

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