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      Inpatient Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Services

      inpatient drug rehab

      Inpatient treatment is the most effective and the most successful treatment service. For many addicts, inpatient rehab is a life-saving service. The benefits of inpatient rehab are without question. If you are looking to help someone struggling with substance abuse, there are probably some questions you want answered first.

      What Is an Inpatient Treatment Center?

      Inpatient treatment provides a 24/7 therapeutic environment that allows an addict to address his or her drug problem. Inpatient will give you the opportunity to live and with other people who are also struggling with addiction. This means that group therapy, 1 on 1 therapy and other recovery related activities will be women into the day to day.

      You or Your Loved One is Safe With 24/7 Care

      A residential drug and alcohol rehab will provide 24/7 care. Staff and personnel are trained to work with recovering drug addicts so that there is always a mechanism for support and care. Inpatient treatment is uncomfortable. With that being said, inpatient treatment is designed to set a calm and soothing atmosphere that promotes positive and helps men and women find recovery. Help, resources, and medical staff are on the premises at all times.

      12-Step and Non-12- Step Support Groups

      Every inpatient rehab will have group therapy held within the building. The clients will also attend 12 step meetings on a regular basis. However, inpatient is not always a strict regimen of therapy, groups, and meetings. Treatment is about gaining the tools to help you handle real-life situations outside of treatment. Many non 12 step activities can help with this and can help a recovery addict build the strength and confidence to treat the addiction when it matters.

      The Cost of Inpatient Treatment

      Addiction treatment services of all kinds can be very expensive. It is important to talk to the intake personal when you call about covering costs and finding a facility that will best suit your needs. You should know exactly what the costs will be before entering any kind of facility so you can plan accordingly.

      Luckily, many insurance companies will cover most out of pocket costs. Cash pay facilities may require you to pay for room and board, food, transportation and therapy services. These rates differ from facility to facility but as always, our staff will help you out.

      What Costs Will My Insurance Cover?

      Every insurance policy is different and every inpatient rehab will work with different insurance companies. Before you or a loved one can admit into treatment, you will need to verify your benefits. Some benefits will cover costs at 100%. Other benefits may come with a deductible and others may not. You can verify your benefits with the free verification form. Click below.

      Free Insurance Benefits Check

      Finding the Best Inpatient Drug Rehab for my Needs

      There are many factors involved when choosing a facility. Every facility is different and there are many different models of treatment to choose from. There are differences between 12 step and non-12 step treatment. Some treatment centers are holistic while others are faith-based or religion based. There are also options to attend outpatient treatment.

      Consider asking yourself these important questions before making a decision.

      Does the facility specialize in any drug types?

      Usually, addicts and alcoholics have a drug of choice. Some inpatient drug rehabs specialize in certain drugs.

      If you are struggling with prescription drug addiction there may be a drug detoxification requirement so that when you enter treatment, you are doing so with a clear head.

      Should you attend a program geared towards certain groups of people?

      A great treatment experience is all about feeling comfortable and safe in your surroundings. Sober Nation can find you facilities geared towards a specific group of people that may fit your tribe. Group therapy, fellowship, and bonding with other clients can be predicated on the type of people you are surrounded with. Some treatment programs are geared towards all male or all female treatment centers. There are facilities towards high-level executives and also for LGBT individuals.

      What is the exact treatment model?

      Many inpatient facilities run on the 12 step model. Generally, there will be meetings held in the facility itself and often times the clients will be taken to outside meetings where they can network with sober supports as well as listen to outside speakers tell their stories of hope.

      There are also treatment facilities that follow a faith based or religious model. Many times these facilities study the Bible and build a strong relationship with Christ to give them strength and battle their addictions. This options works great for some and not so well for others.

      Some addicts suffer from mental disorders and that can often be the root of their addiction. For people that fall in this category, it may be advisable to find a dual diagnosis facility. These programs are tailored to address the addiction problem and also address and treat some other problem. It is not uncommon that drug addiction is rooted in mental disorders such as…

      • ADHD
      • depression
      • bi-polar
      • schizophrenia
      • other mood disorders

      Finding the Right Treatment Program

      With so many factors to consider, it’s no wonder that finding the right facility can feel like such a daunting task. Make no mistake, treatment is a life-saving ordeal. In most cases, people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction can never successfully drug or use drugs again. Finding the best facility

      Please don’t let insecurity or stubbornness keep you from living the life you have always dreamed of. Sobriety can give you your life back and allow you to enjoy the moments that count.

      Reboot Your Recovery