• Finding the Best Heroin Rehab Center for Yourself or Your Family Member

Finding the Best Heroin Rehab Center for Yourself or Your Family Member

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Heroin is an extremely addictive drug that can be snorted, smoked or used intravenously. It is often assumed that heroin addiction is the result of weak will power or lack of moral principles. The scientific data shows us that addiction is a medical disease and treatment is the best possible solution.

A heroin rehab center will address the underlying issues of the addiction. A treatment plan will be carried out by addiction professionals such as therapists, doctors, and certified counselors.

Why Go to a Heroin Rehab Center?

Heroin is extremely addictive and dangerous. The withdrawal symptoms of heroin are crippling and oftentimes without help, a heroin addict will not be able to stop.

The withdrawal symptoms of heroin include…

  • severe nausea
  • vomiting
  • aching muscles
  • sweating
  • flu-like symptoms
  • intense cravings

Even if a heroin addict wants to stop using, the psychological grip heroin has over its users can be too much overcome without treatment. A heroin rehab center will provide the greatest chances of long-term recovery.

In a heroin drug rehab, an addict will have a place to eat, rest and attend counseling so that the addiction can be addressed and treated in a comfortable and safe environment.

Inpatient rehab is beneficial because it will eliminate the outside triggers that may lead to the impulsive behaviors that cause a relapse. In the recovery world, we refer to this as avoiding “people, places, and things.” Admitting yourself or a loved one to rehab is surely the best way to give yourself the greatest changes for long term recovery.

Inpatient heroin rehab generally lasts for periods of 30 days, 60 days or sometimes even 90 days. Every facility has different guidelines and it is important to do your research before you admit yourself or a loved one to a program.

For research and treatment options, please browse our rehab directory. 

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Does Heroin Addiction Always Require Treatment?

There are no laws or mandates that say heroin addicts must attend a heroin rehab center. Unless otherwise forced to attend treatment due to probation, drug court or a court order, a heroin user is free to try whatever methods he or she desires to stop using heroin.

With that being said, the statistics for those who try to quit heroin on their own are not good. For the best chances of recovery, an inpatient or even outpatient rehab are always the best options.

Ideally, a heroin user that wishes to get clean should perform the step-down model.

Heroin Detoxheroin detox program

First, the afflicted individual will attend a drug detox program. As mentioned before, heroin withdrawal is extremely uncomfortable. The withdrawal period from heroin is not fatal, although the symptoms are so strong that many times it leads to relapse. A medically supervised detox will assist the individual in the process and provide medication to relieve the withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient Treatment

The inpatient process typically consists of intense one on one counseling, group therapy and incorporates other treatment methods specific to the treatment center. Most facilities use the 12 step treatment model, although there are other options for holistic treatment, faith-based treatment, and even cognitive behavioral therapy.

Outpatient Treatment

The next step consists of outpatient treatment. During outpatient, the recovering individual will have additional freedoms benefited to him. They can usually go home, attend school or work and can come to their counseling sessions at a time of their choosing. Each outpatient facility is different so it is recommended to research an outpatient facility to find what best suits your individual needs.

Sober Living

Finally, the recovering individual may attend a sober living home or sober living facility. Quality sober living facilities enforce a curfew, mandatory drug tests, and weekly meetings. This will ease the individual into coping with real world problems while using the tools and life skills given to them during their stay at treatment.

Individual Case Management

Finally, it is recommended to work with a case management professional. Most relapses occur within the first year of sobriety. Coping with real world problems in early recovery can be challenging and having a one on one case management professional to call on will prove invaluable. Each client will have access to their case manager through phone and sometimes meet in person. They will be able to call upon their case manager when feeling emotional or when dealing with impulses and urges to use.

This will ease the burden on the family members as well as provide extra support in this critical recovery period when the recovering addict is most vulnerable.

What To Expect From a Heroin Rehab Center

The treatment process will usually begin with an intake appointment. During this appointment, the facility will verify insurance benefits and get to know the individual attending treatment.

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Intake should include a physical exam as well as blood tests to test for any health issues. Usually, these tests will look for diseases common with heroin users such as HEP C and HIV. The physical exam will also determine if any medication should be prescribed to the recovering addict.

Many heroin users suffer from anxiety and sleep problems. Drugs like Seroquel and Tramadol are oftentimes prescribed to assist with these temporary disorders.

After the intake process, a heroin rehabilitation center will put the individual right into the treatment process. Any quality facility will provide one on one therapy as well and individualized treatment protocol. Understanding each person’s unique set of problems is a critical element in providing an effective treatment plan.

As mentioned before, every person is different and should be treated as such. Specialized care involves a treatment plan that is designed to match a person’s specific needs and wants. This could include…

  • discovering and treating family dynamics that have created problems in recovery
  • identifying any mental disorders such as bipolar disorder or ADHD
  • in some cases, treatment plans will create and exercise and diet regimen to ensure good nutrition and physical health
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