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      Putting Recovery On The Map

      Author: Rachel Stephens

      Hey I'm Rachel. I write what my heart tells me to in an effort to carry out the 12th step...serving others. I have a BA in Sociology and am working my MA in Human Services Counseling specializing in Addiction and Recovery. I hope to be a LCDC sometime in the next year. My biggest success though, is sobriety from drugs and alcohol, and recovery for depression and anxiety. I own 25 acres recreational land of Texas, which includes a stocked pond, a creek, trees, and trails for exploring. If I'm not working or running the kids to soccer or swim, you can find me there.

      Posts by Rachel Stephens:

      02-14-17 | By Rachel Stephens

      6 Steps of Depression Management

      Anyone who’s ever been depressed knows the suck of it. Depression robbed me of happiness for decades. Depression blindsided me at times I was supposed to be joyful. Depression kept me using and drinking in a failed attempt to self-medicate my misery. Depression put me in a hole so dark and deep I once considered … Continued

      Posts by Rachel Stephens:

      06-15-16 | By Rachel Stephens

      From Worthless to Worthy – Finding My Way through Step 2

      journey through step two

      I’ve heard it a million times, “I just have bad taste in men,” or “I only seem to like the bad boys,” or “I just seem to attract the losers/users.” I’m talking about women who consistently fail in relationships with people who don’t deserve them in the first place. Or there’s the opposite end of … Continued

      Posts by Rachel Stephens:

      03-02-16 | By Rachel Stephens

      The Spiritual Disconnect of Alcohol

      I’ve been working sobriety from alcohol for 5 years. Rachel… Sober? Half of those who know me will say, “ohhhh good for her, makes sense.” The other half may wonder why. I was never the dependent alcoholic who was desperate for the next drink to function; I was a binge drinker who responded poorly to … Continued

      Posts by Rachel Stephens:

      Posts by Rachel Stephens:

      01-07-16 | By Rachel Stephens

      The Goodness of Grief


      I’ve been working recovery for five years. Sober from alcohol, and from many character defects, I’ve been able to work on something that’s been haunting me for years: the father wound. After several counseling sessions, recovery programs, bible studies, self-help groups, and freedom sessions, I was able to make peace with the wound. I was … Continued