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Putting Recovery On The Map

Author: James Secules

Just another recovering addict, Juvenile Diabetic, college graduate, video game enthusiast, therapist, and volleyball player. I love writing about things that might shock people or aren't constantly covered. I hope you're never offended by anything I write, but if you are: I hope you at least learned something.

Posts by James Secules:

12-21-19 | By James Secules

11 Reasons to Play Sports as a Recovering Adult

We all know that physical activity is healthy. It’s healthy for your body. It’s healthy for your brain. All around, it’s just a good idea and most of us know that. Something we don’t think about as often, though, is the benefit of getting involved in organized sports as an adult. I’m talking about the … Continued

Posts by James Secules:

12-10-19 | By James Secules

I’m An Athiest So Why Should I Pray?

I grew up religious and eventually phased out into what I believed to be Atheism. My parents stopped going to church as often themselves, so I didn’t attend on my own. I also began to learn a lot about science and evolution, so I thought I had all the answers on creation, higher powers, etc. … Continued

Posts by James Secules:

11-15-19 | By James Secules

The Business of Recovery

When I got sober, I went to a rehab, halfway house, and individual therapy sessions with my counselor. Each of these levels of care cost significant money to stay in. I think the treatment center was around $30,000 for 28 days, the halfway house was about $5,000 a month, and the individual sessions were $150 … Continued

Posts by James Secules:

10-30-19 | By James Secules

What You Need to Know About ADHD and Addiction

girl extremely frustrated

ADHD is a tough disease to try and fight. The disorder itself can often go undiagnosed, cause havoc in people’s lives, and increase their chances at being diagnosed with other mental health issues later down the road. ADHD and addiction mixes in a number of different ways. More than a quarter of individuals diagnosed with … Continued

Posts by James Secules:

10-22-19 | By James Secules

A Timeline of Sobriety

Early sobriety is a time of obvious difficulty for many. The challenges in the first few months of total abstinence are substantially different from those that pop up as one’s life begins to solidify and re-establish itself. It might be a legitimate struggle for someone in this time to sit through a football game on … Continued