Aug 10, 2011 | By Tim Stoddart

Teaching Teens About The Dangers Of Drugs

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As if raising a teenager isn’t difficult enough, parents have to be sure to never falter on sharing their lessons on substance abuse with their teens as well.

The first thing to make teens aware of are the dangers of substance abuse. Definitely pointing out the harmful effects of both drugs and alcohol is the best way to introduce your teens to the topic. While they will more than likely receive some sort of informative session at school about the dangers of substance abuse, sometimes it does not hurt to reiterate the message.

teenagers and drug use


A common drug used among teenagers is Marijuana – What is the Perception of Marijuana Among Teens?

Teens, although they may seem to have their own rebellious moments, all part of growing up, it cannot hurt to reiterate the importance of why they should avoid using drugs and alcohol. By explaining the responsibilities  of using alcohol and drugs, teens will then be aware of what the best decisions would be when approached with any kind of substance.

Drinking and drug abuse among teens continues to be an uprising issue. With the proper guidance and advice from adults, there is hope that teens will make the right decisions. To keep teens away from getting involved in any type of substance abuse, they must be aware that while seemingly-innocent participation of drinking or recreational drug use may seem okay at a weekend party…it is those very events that end up leading some teens into an adulthood of abuse.

Laying down solid guidelines of the dangers of substance abuse to teens is the only way to keep these kids on the straight and narrow. Keeping teens informed of the repercussions and cyclical downfalls from using and abusing substances is a step in the right direction to help better not only the teens, but the overall communities in which substance abuse remains an ongoing occurrence.

4 responses to “Teaching Teens About The Dangers Of Drugs

  • All my children learned at school but came home demanding more answers the best thing to do is be completely open and honest with them help them trust you so you know you can trust them and be sure they know how awesome they are 🙂 they don’t need drugs to be cool they need to be themselves..

    • You have a very good point crystal! Consistently answering to their questions will give them an awareness why substance abuse is dangerous. It will help them to understand that such addiction will never be good in their life and health. Parents will be the best person to educate their children regarding substance abuse and I think children will definitely listen to their parents because they trust them. To avoid your children to undergo recovery treatment care, you must know how to educate them on how to properly respond if someone or something provoke them to use.

  • We should tell them ahead what lies ahead but some of it is genetic and you have to break the chain but then at the same time you dont know what your child is doing outside …… :/

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