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Name: Jock

Age: 29

Sober Since: 08 / 16 / 2017

Sober For: 2 Years & 187 Days

What it was like?

I was a prisoner of substances in any and all forms. A slave to the lifestyle for nearly 15 years in search of anything to help me escape reality. Chasing any high that would make me feel any type of way other than what I felt like sober. Stuck in the middle of constant spiritual warfare between Good and evil. Ending every night with a cry out for God to remove from this ‘hell on earth’ I’ve found myself stuck in only to wake up each morning angry I was still alive. This was the only life I knew and swore I’d die a junkie so I made a point to be the best damn junkie I could be...But thank GOD that He had other plans.

What happened?

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. On August 7th of 2017, my father found me unconscious and blue laying in my bed with the needle right next to me. It wasn’t until a week later that I started to remember only only bits a peices, but the memories I had were from outside of my if I was watching it all unfold. But what I remember most is the fear in my fathers eyes as he fought to keep me alive. Proof to the power of this disease, when I woke in the hospital, I immediately removed the IV and went and picked up the same dope that just nearly killed me not even 5 hours earlier. On August 15th, 2017 I had my last shot and checked into a detox facility the next morning where I continued to complete all phases of there program for the next 3 months and enrolled in the Vivitrol program.

What it is like now?

Today, life is beyond my wildest dreams. Today, I have TRUE happiness and remain grateful each and every day I am given Another chance at this game called ‘Life’. Today, I do not take things for granted, for tomorrow is never promised. Today, I focus on the ‘now’ and try to remain exactly where my hands are. I know that without right now, there is no future. Today, I look for the positive in every situation. Today, I choose LIFE. It took what it took and it takes what it takes. Today, I’m grateful for my darkest of days because that is where I’ve learned some of life’s most important lessons. So I may deserve what I get, but it’s a damn good thing I don’t always get was I deserve. Today, I’ve learned how to live life on Life’s terms.

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