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      Putting Recovery On The Map

      01-27-19 | By

      Sober Speak

      New to Recovery?

      Looking for a ‘meeting between meetings’?

      Tune in to Sober Speak.

      Sober Speak is a podcast about recovery. The aim is to help those seeking their own recovery. Hosted by John M., the podcast has a speaker meeting style interview format. This allows guests to share their experience strength and hope with listeners all around the world.

      Men and women talk about their experiences with the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and other recovery programs. Listeners are able to hear stories that often resonate with their own personal trials. In this way, the message of recovery has a chance to leave a profound and lasting impact.

      Recently, episode 59 features David G., a returning guest, who reflects on the reality of what the first three steps of Alcoholics Anonymous came to mean to him. In episodes 6 and 14, he shares some of his journey with listeners. From his father leaving as a child, to his relationship with his mother, and ultimately the adoption of his son Jack, many of these events were impacted by his addiction and recovery.

      Bridging the Gap

      David admits that he wasn’t drinking every time he got in trouble but every time he had gotten in trouble he was drunk. To him this spoke of the powerlessness he had over his disease. Over the years, as internal conflicts would arise in his life his understanding of this powerlessness changed. Those repeated behaviors dictated the lack of control in his life. These constant ‘first step’ situations allowed him to truly surrender everything, as the first step suggests.

      David continues that his preconceived notions about what he really did know got in the way at first. As his awareness grew he noticed a hypocrisy with those around him and in himself. This kept him from believing that trusting in a Higher Power was truly a solution. His second step belief manifested from his early years of attending meetings while he was still using. He recognized that things were happening for people who ‘struck their claim to God’ that weren’t happening for him. This created the true desire that he needed to bridge the gap from step two to three.

      Wanting Vs. Doing

      When he got to step three, David truly realized that wanting and doing were not the same thing. The follow through that the first three steps encompassed brought him a new feeling that he had not faced before with his interactions in the program. Step three meant that he was whole heatedly willing to do whatever was next to truly embrace his recovery.

      To hear David G. explain the continuity of these steps in more detail, please head on over to our website at Sober Speak or listen through Itunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Android, or one of our other platforms. There you will find this episode and 50 plus other stories of experience, strength and hope. To receive updates on newly released episodes, sign up through the website or follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.


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