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      Putting Recovery On The Map

      03-30-18 | By

      4 Reasons Why You Should Be Sober On Easter

      This time of the year, we start to turn the corner on winter, and begin to see spring take it’s shape. The color of the leaves begin to change and new life begins to form. If you live somewhere that freezes over the winter, chances are the ground is beginning to thaw and is starting to show itself once again. If you live in a place that is sunny year round, you may start to feel the temperatures rising and be sporting shorts and heading towards the beach. However, if you are caught in the grips of addiction, you may not even throw caution to the wind about this time of year. Have you made sweet promises to yourself that you were going to get sober a year ago? Over New Years? Maybe a month ago? Or a week ago? While there may be no “right” time to change your life and commit to getting sober, there are some hidden signs that a sober Easter and the renewed hope of spring may be the perfect time to begin this life changing journey.

      Spring Is A Sign Of New Beginnings

      Spring can be a sign of a second chance at resolutions, and renewed commitments. Whether you are religious or not, springtime, a sober Easter, and the Pascha holiday stand for renewal, rebirth, growth, and change. Sometimes change can be simple, and sometimes it needs to be done in steps. Whether you are contemplating your recovery journey, or have been sober for a number of years, there are a number of small things we can do to create change for ourselves. Get to a meeting, talk to a friend, or go outside and enjoy the day.

      Out With The Old, In With The New

      We’ve all heard the term before before – “spring cleaning.” This is the time of year where we clear out the old to make room for the new. In order to take in new ideas, things, and perspectives, we must be rid of the old ways that weren’t serving us. Use this time of year to reflect on yourself and perform a thorough inventory. “Spring clean,” the old ideas and resentments that no longer serve you. Let go of the bad memories, so you can make room for the new.

      Call Us

      If you or a loved one are stuck in the grips of addiction on Easter? It’s not too late to find help. Find sobriety & true happiness! Call Sober Nation today at: 1 866 317-7050

      Give A Surprise On Easter

      Easter is additionally about surprises. Chances are this Sunday, you’ll see children waking up to hunt for Easter eggs, eat massive amounts of chocolate and if you celebrate the holiday, will be with family. Why not recommit yourself to your sobriety? If you have been sober for awhile, recommit yourself to better your sobriety on a daily basis. Spend time with the ones you love and give them the ultimate gift of spending time together.

      Give Yourself A Second Chance With A Sober Easter

      This time of year is not only about surprises and renewals, but second chances. Most of us can get down on ourselves and lose sight of hope whether we’re in active addiction or not. Don’t give up on yourself. You may be surprised at the adversity you can push through and most likely you’ll have a team of friends and family behind you. Aligning your new commitment with a time of year or holiday can set you up for success when it has special meaning to you. When it comes to having addiction take over your life, do you really need another reason to give yourself a second chance? If you are ready to embark on a new life to fulfill your true potential without addiction, having a sober Easter is the perfect opportunity to find yourself.


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