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      Putting Recovery On The Map

      12-20-19 | By

      Russell Brand Celebrates 17 Years Sober.

      Last week, Russell Brand took to Twitter to celebrate 17 years of continuous sobriety.

      Now married with two children, Brand shared a heartfelt note from his family to mark the milestone.

      “Real Change is Possible”

      “17 years clean and sober today,” Brand wrote. “With love and support from others, real change is possible, no matter how dark times may seem. Thank you to everyone who has carried me on this path.”

      Open about his struggle with drug and alcohol abuse, the comedian and actor opened up to Oprah in 2014 about his struggles that stemmed from childhood, noting that he felt, “lonely and a bit sad,” as a child.

      He also mentioned to Winfrey that he went on to have problems with food and became “infatuated with pornography,” before finding drugs.

      In another interview, the Brand noted that he hit rock bottom in 2003 after an addiction to heroin cost him a job, a radio show, and friends.

      “I’d been doing drugs since age 19 and was a heroin addict for four years,” he said.

      At the time, the comedian’s manager realized the depth of his addiction, and helped him find a 12-step program.

      “I Was a Proper Smack-Head.”

      Over a decade later, the 44-year-old published his own book with his interpretation to the 12-steps.

      “This book is not “new” — it’s just my interpretation of the 12-step method, which itself was derived from ancient self-help ideology,” he said. “I wrote it the way I did because the classic program seemed a little bit exclusive, religious and pious, with a Christian-y feel that could be off-putting to some. After all, lots of Muslims and Jews and Hindus have addictions too.”

      He went on to talk about the need for a Higher Power.

      “Yet, that said, while not religious myself, in the book I agree with the need for an undefined higher power. Is that power God, science, our home group, the music of Mozart, the Sistine Chapel ceiling, the people that have loved me? All these allude to some power that is greater than me.”

      Today, the actor has built quite a life for himself. Currently touring throughout the country to speak about his recovery, the actor tied the knot with blogger and former restauranteur, Laura Gallacher in 2017. The couple also has two daughters, one born in 2016 and one born in 2018.

      Reflecting in a 2018 video, the comedian concluded, “I was a proper smack-head, crack-head, and look at me now! No smack, no crack, still problems, still crazy, I mean look at that (pointing to his hair), that should have been tended to before the video went up. But I have freedom now and you can have freedom too. We can change ourselves, we can change everything,” he said in the video. “Thanks for everyone, I’m extremely grateful for everybody who has helped me on this journey. All of you, thank you.”


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