Feb 11, 2016 | By Brittney Evans

Rapper DMX Almost Dies from Drug Overdose – Cops Save Him with Narcan

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dmx almost dies

One of rap’s most iconic rappers almost died Monday night from an apparent drug overdose.

DMX is reported to have collapsed in a parking lot of a Westchester hotel.

Police report that on Monday at 6:20 PM, the 45-year-old rapper collapsed next to a 2016 white BMW outside of a Ramada Inn. DMX was in his hometown of Yonkers.

Lt. Patrick McCormack of the Yonkers Police Department reports that officers escorted the man to Saint Joseph’s Medical Center while they administered chest compressions and oxygen in the ambulance.

When police arrived at the scene, DMX  had no pulse. Cops performed CPR but were unable to resuscitate him.

Amazingly, a medic injected him with Narcan, which is an anti-opioid used to reverse the effects of a heroin overdose.

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After the hit of Narcan, DMX (whose real name is Earl Simmons) had become semi-conscious, at which point he was taken to the hospital.

“The cops did a great job. They saved [his] life, no doubt about it,” said Lt. Patrick McCormack of the Yonkers Police Department.

A friend of the rapper told the cops that DMX has taken a powdered drug before passing out.

Also, Abraham Chekottu, a Ramada clerk said “I saw him leaving the hotel. He looked fine. Then, a few minutes later, a police car came. There was an ambulance, too. Within no time, he left in the ambulance.”

Clearly DMX is lucky to be alive…

A Sad History of Drug Abuse

Many within the hip hop community consider DMX to be one of the greatest rappers to ever live. However, his history of drug possession and legal woes have plagued his career from the beginning.

DMX has been relatively open about his problems with addiction, even sharing some of his pain in one of his most iconic songs “Slippin.” Ironically, the video portrays DMX riding in the back of an ambulance, close to death.

See video below.

As always, we wish nothing but the best for DMX and his family. We hope and pray that he finds peace and sobriety, and that he may continue to make music for the world to enjoy.

3 responses to “Rapper DMX Almost Dies from Drug Overdose – Cops Save Him with Narcan

  • Barak Rush

    8 years ago

    MY PRAYERS GO OUT TO HIM AND HIS LOVED ONES…FORGIVENESS TO THOSE WHO WILL USE THIS AS MEANS TO CONDEMN AND CASTIGATE THE MAN. I’m a 45 yr old suburban white male who was raised with privilege and education that far exceeds my intelligence..On the outside people would assume we have nothing in common…a matter of fact ..when I pull up in front of my office or home and I have “who we be” thumping…people like my wife and daughter just shake their heads…BUT..they know all too well that the thing I have in common with DMX is thus..the Damm disease called Addiction ….and for that…I have been locked up,,detoxed on jailhouse floors..been to gates of cardiac arrest and experienced the shame and humiliation that no person should endure…The only CD’s I currently have in my 6cd changer are all DMX….and as I drive to Heroin task force meeting tonight that is changing the laws so people get Treatment after a Naracan administration here in PA..I’LL BE PLAYING ONE OF THOSE CD’S and praying for the man behind the songs

  • Dmx has been a huge inspiration to me. I have followed him through out his career from its highly anticipated beginning as a trend setting cutting edge lyris. Dmx’s dynamic rugged style of execution made a pivitol impact in my decision to follow my dreams as well in the rough and tumble world of hip-hop music. A renound 90’s forefather of its golden edge sound. Dmx broke the mold with his truth baring aggressive nature that challenged the art form to keep up with his adrenalized high octane delivery. Pain soaked lyrics saturated an explosive delivery .Dmx has been a detrimental piece of needed raw heart to this relentless game, where rappers come and go like a disposable commodity. Hip-Hop needs the return of its once claimed healm of the throne , just as Dmx needs Hip Hop to rekindle his fighting spirit he channelled in all his listeners. His surviving spirit and need to exhault such fire of intwined emotion with a raw talent like no others breathes life into a game now lost in a depriving struggle of such needed brute ferocity of emotion .Dmx’s music helped change lives as well as aided in our celebrations bellowing anthems we embraced out of the speakers that brought life to the artform .Although he has struggled through a massive amount of ups and downs , i send my sinceriest best wishes in regards to him attaining a healthy newly reformed state of mind to teach others who have fallen in such similiar shadows in perils of darkness which he can be risen from . Rekindle your faith Dmx and bring forth such a needed voice for the lost and suffering . You are a legend , and just as such may you reclaim your rightfully deserved spot back in the arms of hip-hop that needs you just as much as you need it. With utmost respect .Wishing you strength and courage from these admiring eyes who have looked up you ever since you let the world know your name …Kid Fade…..Keep the Music alive and bring forth new resilience for the world to see.

  • Dmx now has the chance to rise to thee occasion from his relentless near “death and back” struggle with drug abuse who very few of us could ever have the blessing of surviving to speak for ,though some of us have.This disease is such a dark internal struggle that embodys the whole wellbeing in every capacity in the sence that only the suffering addict could ever relate to. In such a position of power from his amazing talent he now has the opportunity to seize a voice in the hip- hop community that would be so well needed. I deeply hope his awakening will now begin to help change countless lives of others as much as himself. I to came face to face with my demons and have entered a stage of enlightment i wish apon him as well. Though i know i will be challenged with all the days of my life. From one suffering addict to another i wish him strength and courage from the release of the chains of addiction .Sieze this moment Dmx to be a voice and light that could make such a difference . My prayers are with you in your recovery ..sincerely Kid Fade .,from one artist to another.

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