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      Putting Recovery On The Map

      01-19-15 | By

      Non 12 Step Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers

      non 12 step treatment

      If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, finding the right treatment center can offer you a chance to break free from addiction and give you a new lease on life. Many addicts and alcoholics turn to 12 Step based addiction treatment programs in order to get help and support. While 12 Step treatment programs have helped many addicts establish and embrace lives of recovery, some who struggle with addiction may look for a program that better fits their personality and situation. For those addicts, a non 12 Step Addiction Treatment Center may be a more attractive option.

      Why Turn to a Non 12 Step Based Treatment Center?

      For those who wish to pursue non 12 Step-based addiction treatment, they may do so for a number of reasons. It is important to explore why traditional 12 step treatment programs may not work for some people and offer some explanations on how non 12 Step Addiction treatment facilities may be a better fit.

      The Powerlessness Issue

      A foundation of traditional 12 Step treatment models is the belief that addicts themselves are powerless over their addiction. This powerlessness may turn people away from treatment because they may feel any power they have to make changes themselves regarding their addiction is taken away and they will have no say in how they recover. Non 12 Step treatment models want to create an environment of empowerment where individual strengths are recognized, teaching addicts to make healthy choices and explore attractive life options that don’t involve the use of substances. Non 12 Step programs avoid the use of disease terms and focus on ways the addict can develop self-efficacy and responsibility for their choices.

      Religious and Spiritual Beliefs

      Another foundation of traditional 12 Step addiction treatment models is the concept of a higher power and how turning over your will to God or other “supreme entity” will help you heal and move away from addiction. The majority of the Twelve Steps themselves are religious and/or spiritual in tone and following these steps are seen as absolute. With non 12 Step addiction treatment it is emphasize that while spirituality may be a part of the recovery process for some, the choices made in addiction are not tied to specific religious beliefs. The focus is on learning and using the tools needed to effect change; whatever spiritual path one chooses or doesn’t choose is up to the addict.

      Time Considerations

      For those who undergo treatment through a traditional 12 Step based program, they are expected to attend regular 12 Step meetings and participating in other social activities that revolve around the group. In addition to morning reflections, prayer groups and step work a 12 step program can take up most of a person’s time. Additionally, if people start attending meetings and other functions less frequently, rumors and hearsay may spread that substance use has started again. With non 12 Step based treatment, the focus is on the individual to be empowered to make their own decisions and choices. Learning to adapt healthier alternatives to a person’s daily routine is ideal and not be seen as a lifelong burden.

      What Can a Non 12 Step Based Addiction Treatment Facility Offer?

      Much like traditional 12 step treatment facilities, non 12 Step facilities offer medical detoxification services, therapy, counseling and life skills training which are essential in starting the process of recovery. However, there are some unique facets to non 12 Step drug treatment programs that may be attractive to addicts.

      Focus on Individual Counseling

      Some addicts may not feel comfortable in a group counseling setting, so non 12 Step based drug treatment center offer one-on-one counseling. This type of counseling provides the addict with comfort and feelings of security. For those who are worried about keeping their anonymity due to work or other professional reasons, individual counseling is the more attractive option. In conjunction with individual counseling, those in recovery can also seek the support and encouragement from more informally-based peer groups which can provide the addict with other to reach out and talk to when difficult situations arise.

      SMART Recovery

      Over the past few years, support groups which adopt the SMART Recovery philosophy of addiction recovery have become more prevalent and can provide an alternative to 12 Step groups. With SMART Recovery, participants learn about the tools needed for recovery that are based on scientific research and involves participation in self-help groups both in person and online. SMART Recovery emphasizes four main points regarding addiction and finding recovery. These four points are the following:

      • Staying motivated
      • Effectively dealing with urges
      • Managing thought and behavior accordingly and appropriately
      • Living a balanced life

      This recovery philosophy is adaptable to all forms of addiction and those who facilitate SMART Recovery sessions are trained and certified to lead these groups.

      How Do I Find a Non 12 Step Addiction Treatment Center?

      As with any treatment program or facility, finding a non 12 Step Addiction treatment center can be challenging without doing the necessary research. You should consult with your doctor or physician, call local advocacy agencies and utilize web-based resources. Other places where you can look include bulletin boards at medical facilities and hospitals or even local treatment facilities. You may want to have a list of questions ready to ask in order to help make the decision making process easier. Those questions can include the following:

      • What structure or process does treatment follow?
      • Does the programs advocate that addiction is a disease?
      • What are the aftercare options?
      • Are there peer groups available for support?
      • Are the methods of treatment used proven to work and evidence-based?

      These are just a few questions that you should ask. If you seek additional information regarding non 12 Step addiction treatment programs and facilities, Sober Nation is the top recovery and addiction treatment resource on the web. Our goal is to help the struggling addict AND provide support and encouragement for families of addicts. You can contact us toll free at 1-855-395-9115 and all correspondence is confidential.


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