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Luxury Addiction Treatment Centers

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luxury treatment centers

When people think of a luxury addiction treatment center, they may think of rehab programs set in posh locations with state-of-the-art facilities and top-notch amenities. People also may think these programs only cater to celebrities, multimillionaires or others of privilege. While luxury treatment centers offer treatment and services for the rich and famous, you don’t have to be a celebrity to seek treatment at a luxury treatment facility.

How Are Luxury Addiction Centers Different?

It is important to note that different types of substance abuse treatment programs offer different choices for treatment. When it comes down to the bottom line, the treatment and services provided at a high-end addiction treatment center are not inherently better than those found at more traditional treatment centers. For the addict or alcoholic, the most important factor in choosing a treatment center is that treatment addresses their specific needs and personal preferences. No matter what the setting, if an addict is comfortable in his or her surroundings and is comfortable with the treatment plan that has been created they can focus on their recovery.

There are three main differences that set luxury addiction treatment centers apart from traditional programs. These differences include:

  • Geographic location–these centers are more likely to be situated in exotic or exclusive locations.
  • Amenities—luxury facilities may include amenities such as cell phone and Wi-Fi service, private rooms and office spaces.
  • Activities—the activities offered may be geared towards high-end clientele such as horseback riding and spa treatments.

For those who are looking for a serious luxury rehab facility, you should avoid those drug treatment centers that advertise themselves as “celebrity rehab centers” or “celebrity rehab spas”.  These facilities are designed to provide high-profile individuals such as celebrities with a secluded, private and restful setting. Truthfully, some of these facilities are little more than spas or vacation getaways and provide little or no treatment programming. There may be celebrity-center programs that provide actual medical and clinical treatment, but people should always do careful research to ensure the program concentrates on proven treatment methods first and foremost.

Therapy Options Offered at Luxury Addiction Treatment Centers

Luxury addiction treatment centers can provide clients a wide array of therapy options that are best suited to their individual preferences. These facilities can offer both traditional modes of therapy as well as embrace newer therapeutic methods. In regards to traditional therapy methods, many luxury addiction facilities will offer cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), family therapy programs and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). Luxury treatment facilities also may offer alternative forms of therapy that can augment the entire therapeutic and treatment process.

For example, some facilities may offer adventure therapy, where an experienced and adventure-trained therapist may lead patients on wilderness trips or take patients for rock climbing or rope swing sessions. Other examples of alternative therapies may include art therapy, psychotherapy, nature therapy and even equine (horse) therapy. While these alternative therapy options such more fun than functional, patients will actually learn vital coping and life skills which they can incorporate into the own recovery plans.

What to Look for in a Luxury Addiction Treatment Program

While the locations and amenities may differ from more traditional treatment facilities, there are some things that ALL rehab facilities need to have in place. Although each treatment program has developed their own unique blend of treatments, those who are seeking treatment at a luxury addiction facility need to make sure the following components are in place:

  • Detoxification services that include comprehensive medical care are crucial early in the recovery process. The physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening. In some cases, doctors can ease the body’s transition through medications and around-the-clock monitoring.
  • Certified clinical and medical staff that is experienced in evaluating and pinpointing the phenomenon of dual diagnoses. Co-occurring mental or physical disorders are often an underlying causes of drug and alcohol addiction. According to a national survey about drug abuse, approximately 30 percent of rehab cases involve a dual diagnosis. Examples of dual diagnoses include anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and other forms of mental illness.
  • Experienced counselors and therapists who can devised individualized therapy options that address the needs of each individual patient. These counseling and therapy sessions need to be conducted with a board-certified substance abuse counselor. Those who are looking for a quality rehab program want programs that also offer group sessions and family therapy.
  • Utilization of 12-step methodology and regular attendance at 12-step meetings within a residential program can lead to better chances of success after leaving the program. Facilities can either hold actual AA, NA or other 12-step group meetings in the facility itself or residents may be shuttled to meetings outside rehab. The 12-step concept is an essential part of any treatment.

Cost Considerations

With world class facilities, amenities and programming, it is no surprise that the cost of treatment at a luxury addiction treatment center is considerably higher in comparison to traditional treatment centers. The extra charges associated with these services may not be covered under insurance, which can leave clients or their families with large out-of-pocket expenses. It is mandatory that patients are able to cover the costs for a luxury rehab program before checking in because accruing substantial debt due to treatment can increase the chance for relapse after treatment.

Sober Nation: Your Premier Resource Center to Find Luxury Rehab Centers

Finding a luxury rehab center that offers the best options and opportunities for recovery can be a frustrating process. As the leading addiction treatment and recovery resource on the web, Sober Nation offers addicts and their families a comprehensive list of available luxury rehabs. In addition, Sober Nation offers a wide array of innovative web-based tools so addicts and their families can learn more about the disease of addiction and their options to get the help they need. Ultimately, the experienced staff at Sober Nation can provide encouragement and support every step on the journey to recovery. Call Sober Nation today at 1-866-317-7050.

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  • Lucy Metcalfe

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    Great information! Luxury addiction treatment centers are different from traditional rehabilitation because of their amenities that they provided with the patients as part of their healing process. They cater to everybody as long as the family can afford the monthly charges.

  • Luxury Addiction Treatment Centers are totally different from the traditional and the amenities provided them are too good.

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