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      Putting Recovery On The Map

      02-29-16 | By

      I’m Jake White, I Throw Sober House Parties on College Campuses


      It’s like peanut butter and chain saws, apples and bowling pins, fanny packs and cashmere suits. When I tell people what I do for a living, they think “That CAN’T be right! There’s no way those two go together…”

      What’s up Sober Nation?! My name is Jake White. Not Jack White from the White Stripes, but like Jake from State Farm. I run a company called Party.0 (party-point-oh) which throws massive sober parties on college campuses. Our signature “sober house party” attracts hundreds of students each time and 90% of college students we meet join our texting list.

      I’m going to be writing for Sober Nation so I thought I’d give you a little background on who I am and the story behind what I do.

      I grew up in Wisconsin where people seem to only eat cheese, watch the Packers and accompany everything with beer. I could deal with some cheese and watching the Packers… but beer just wasn’t for me. I saw how many people used alcohol to turn up, wind down or just fit in. And not that I don’t like relaxing, having fun or hanging out with new people… I actually love those things! I just wanted to do them without relying on anything but me. And in college, that made me an outcast.

      College came with an expectation to drink on the weekends. You heard about it in class, during lunch and had to listen to hundreds of stories that started with, “I got so wasted last night!” And it seemed like people were just doing it to fit in, because that’s what it takes to have a social life on a college campus.

      I decided that the college drinking culture needed a change. So when I was a Junior, my best friend Steve and I started throwing sober house parties… yep, no drugs and no alcohol. I’ll admit that our first event was TERRIBLE. But in less than one month of hosting them, we had more than 150 students coming to our events, sponsorships from brands like Papa Johns and Redbull, and media coverage across our home state of Wisconsin… we couldn’t believe it either!

      So we went to other schools to see if it work there too. And we found out that no matter what school we were at, 9 out of 10 students would say “YES” to Party.0! They even gave us their phone number so we could text them about our sober house parties.

      Since that time I’ve built a business that helps students host sober events on their campuses. We even come and speak to high school students about having fun without drugs or alcohol and then give them funds to throw their own sober parties.

      Right now I’m 24 years old and have been sober for more than 210,000 hours of my life. I’ve been under the influence of alcohol for about 9 hours, just to see what it was like. My mission is to live a life that shows people you don’t need drugs or alcohol to fit in, have fun or feel good.

      I’m going to be sharing stories of my successes, failures, doubts, fears, hopes, adventures and all that comes with hosting sober parties with students across the country…

      But first, I’d really like to know you. Since I’m new to Sober Nation, please introduce yourself in the comments below and share something about yourself. If you can’t think of anything, answer this:

      “If you had just ONE DAY off of school or work for an entire year, what would you do with that day?”


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