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holistic addiction treatment

For those who are struggling with substance abuse, making the commitment to enter a drug treatment program is a major life decision. Many individuals who seek treatment for drug and alcohol abuse who often do so through more traditional means such as through 12-Step based programs, medications and counseling and therapy. While these traditional programs are effective, some addicts may want to pursue other options for treatment that may better suit their individual needs and wants. Increasingly, many who seek drug treatment are turning to holistic addiction treatment centers in order to get sober and find long-term recovery.

What are Holistic Addiction Treatment Centers?

Holistic drug treatment facilities implement techniques that help recovering addicts improve their health as well as their mind and spirit. These techniques remove dangerous toxins from the body of the addict and does so without the use of drugs or other chemicals that may be used in more traditional detoxification methods. For those treatment centers that use the holistic treatment model, addicts need to face and acknowledge the underlying physical, emotional, and spiritual struggles that led them to abuse drugs and alcohol.

The Holistic Treatment Philosophy

In order to better understand holistic treatment and addiction, it is important to focus on the philosophy behind holistic medicine and healing. It is based on the belief that the most powerful healing forces are unconditional love and support. It is believed that all human beings have the power to heal themselves and in order to heal oneself a person needs to work with a doctor or other medical staff using a variety of approaches. Ultimately, treating addiction involves fixing the root cause or causes of the problem and not just alleviating symptoms.

How Can Holistic Recovery Programs Help the Addict?

Holistic-based addiction recovery programs are able to help addicts achieve sobriety and recovery in several different ways. For example, holistic treatment centers can help addicts and alcoholics identify those triggers that fuel their addictions and allow them to understand the events that led to their substance abuse. The experienced staff at a holistic treatment facility will guide the newly recovering addict cope with these triggers through various relaxation and meditation techniques. Ultimately, clients will learn to develop long-term individual recovery plans that feature healthier ways to deal with stress and life events.

It is important to note that holistic addiction facilities use traditional treatment methods such as inpatient medical detoxification as well as group and individual therapy and counseling in conjunction with holistic-based treatment methods. The main goal of holistic treatment is to find the perfect balance between traditional and natural treatment and healing methods.

What Services Do Holistic Drug Treatment Programs Provide?

There are numerous services that are utilized in holistic drug treatment programs. These services can include the following:

  • Acupuncture
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Light Therapy
  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Qigong
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Chiropractic Treatment
  • Cell & Mood Rejuvenation Therapy

As stated earlier, these natural therapeutic techniques are used in conjunction with traditional therapies such as 12 Step Meetings, individual and group counseling and therapy, family counseling and life coaching in order to achieve harmony, balance and serenity.

How Do I Find the Right Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment Center?

If you are going to pursue recovery through a holistic treatment center, there are several things you need to consider. First, the best holistic addiction facilities offer patients both individual and group counseling. These facilities also offer programs that are designed especially for women, teens and parents. Additionally, there are some holistic programs that offer religious recovery programs that incorporate spirituality in recovery.

Much like traditional drug treatment programs, holistic treatment programs do require at least a minimum stay of 30 days so patients can have adequate time to focus on their recovery. However, stays longer than 30 days are even more favorable. Additionally, the top holistic recovery centers can tailor treatment plans to fit the unique and individual needs of each client. There are also additional criteria to consider when choosing a holistic drug treatment program and these can include the following:

  • The staff-to-patient ratio at these facilities should be low. This is important for patients in order for them to receive individualized plans and counseling sessions so they can heal quickly.
  • The best holistic drug recovery centers should have counselors, therapists and support staff who are highly trained. Ideally, staff should have earned a master’s degree in behavioral science and social work. Having a higher level of education provides therapists with the necessary knowledge to successfully promote behavioral changes in patients.
  • In addition to individual counseling and therapy, holistic drug treatment programs should also feature group therapy. Group therapy can help patients know they are not alone in their struggles with substance abuse and addiction. Ideally, there should be a good balance of both individual and group counseling and therapy.
  • Holistic treatment programs should have quality programming that approaches healing from a whole-body perspective. Tai chi, yoga and music and art therapies, can help patients release built-up toxins thus promoting a faster healing process.
  • The top holistic treatment centers feature established aftercare programs care once a patient is finished with treatment. These programs will provide solid recovery plans and recovery-based activities for the patient to practice upon release which will continue the healing process.

Holistic drug and alcohol treatment centers are gaining popularity for their overall mind, body and spirit approach to addiction and recovery. While these centers can provide addicts with the tools they need to overcome their addiction and find long-term recovery, it is important to do your research and get the best and most pertinent information before making your decision. If you have questions regarding holistic addiction treatment centers, Sober Nation can provide you with the information you need to make your choice. To get help now, please call Sober Nation toll-free at 1-866-317-7050.

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