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Executive Addiction Treatment Centers

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Executive Treatment Centers

Drug and alcohol addiction can severely impact the lives of people no matter their age, race, orientation, socioeconomic status or family background. The stigma of addiction may be particularly pronounced if an individual has a high profile in their community and is successful in business or entertainment. For people who have success in their careers and have high profiles in their communities, finding a drug treatment center that will respect anonymity while providing high quality treatment is a top priority. In these situations, seeking treatment through an executive addiction treatment center is the ideal option.

What are Executive Addiction Treatment Centers?

Executive addiction treatment facilities were specifically created for the needs of business professionals, executives, celebrities and other high profile individuals who require the utmost in treatment while respecting confidentiality and anonymity. These types of addiction treatment centers are often located in beautiful, world-class locations and offer the best amenities and other high-end services. People who enter treatment at an executive addiction facility can be referred from their employer as a corporate referral or can come from the addict who realizes he or she needs inpatient treatment.

Executive addiction drug treatment facilities are designed so those who are in treatment can keep in contact with their businesses and not completely be cut off from the outside world. These facilities feature mobile phone and Wi-Fi internet access and the programming offered at executive rehab centers are completely customizable to fit the specific and unique needs of each client. Many of these facilities have research and development departments that are “in house” which are dedicated to studying and development new treatment models that are on the cutting edge of substance abuse treatment.

What Services Are Offered at an Executive Addiction Treatment Facility?

Much like other models of care, the executive addiction treatment model will offer patients medical detoxification services, diagnoses for any co-occurring physical and mental disorders, individual and group counseling and various therapeutic models among others. There are, however, some difference types of services that are offered at executive addiction treatment facilities that may differ from other facilities. Some of those services may include the following:

Intervention Services

Professional stress is a main source of drug and alcohol addiction among business professionals and celebrities alike. The intervention services provided by executive drug treatment programs are developed to include the business colleagues of the addict as well as their loved ones. This type of intervention is specifically geared towards the addict’s professional life and is also ideal for those professionals who have placed emphasis on their career over family and have developed a drug and/or alcohol addiction.

Detox Services

At an executive addiction and treatment facility, medical detoxification services are offered onsite at with state-of-the-art facilities. Some executive detox facilities may require patients to travel to multiple sites to receive detox treatment which can reduce its effectiveness. The best executive treatment centers understand that the patient’s comfort and security is of the utmost importance. Detoxification programs at executive addiction treatment facilities are staffed by experienced and qualified medical personnel which will provide constant monitoring to ensure that withdrawal symptoms are minimized and patients become medically and physically stable. Detox services at these treatment facilities also feature low doctor to patient ratios and staff will remain with patients throughout the treatment process.

Specialized Pain Management

In addition to more traditional means of pain management through the use of medications, the staff at executive addiction treatment centers will also employ holistic techniques in order to help those in treatment manage their pain. Whether it is through yoga, herbal-based medicine, acupuncture, neurofeedback or other techniques, pain management at an executive treatment facility will employ Western and Eastern techniques and philosophies so the recovering addict can transform physically, psychologically and spiritually and achieve balance.

What Makes Executive Treatment Centers Effective?

One may think that world-class facilities, top-notch staff, specialized care and the best amenities is a recipe for success which it comes to the success rates of executive treatment addiction centers. However, not all facilities are created equal. Some executive drug treatment centers offer a “one size fits all” approach to treatment which can be based on treatment models that are not fluid and are outdated. The best executive treatment facilities give the tools, support and encouragement that is needed for professionals and other high-profile clients to not only reclaim their careers but also their families and ultimately themselves.

The best executive drug and alcohol treatment centers have facilities that are properly maintained, comfortable and have programming that can be tailored to suit the individual needs of each client. Man of the best programs offer a variety of treatment models that are both 12 step and non 12 step based. Utilizing and embracing alternative treatment methods will often lead to better long term outcomes for recovery. Much of the therapy and counseling is based on cognitive-therapy approaches and are individual in nature which focus on empowering the client to make healthy life choices on their own.

Executive drug treatment centers aren’t concerned with the treatment of addiction; instead, they are created around treatment models and philosophies that look to fully resolve addiction as a whole. The focus for the patient isn’t on being powerlessness and incurable but on the empowerment of the addict and making them confident and strong enough to confront the often painful and underlying issues that caused the addiction in the first place…this is how lasting recovery and sobriety is realized.

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