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      09-06-13 | By

      Drug Abuse Facts In The United States

      While the use of drugs is a common, well-known fact in the United States, it’s important to actually take a look at some of the statistics tied with such abuse. It will give you a better idea of the severity of the issue of drug abuse and will help re-emphasize the importance of tackling this problem as best we can.

      The National Survey on Drug Use and Health’s…

      drug abuse in the united states

      annual survey indicates some startling facts about drug use in the United States. Marijuana is the most popular illicit drug. This is not so much a surprise, as it is seemingly easily accessible, not to mention legal in some states. However, it is used by 14.8 million people, which is around 6%. Some say that is a low statistics.

      Marijuana is a popular drug among teenagers and young adults. The controversy among marijuana continues to be relevant in our society.

      Following marijuana use is the abuse of cocaine. This powerful and highly addictive stimulant is used by 2.4 million people. Cocaine is a popular drug within the night life crowd and does not produce a lot of overdose deaths. However, this drug can and will cause heart problems with long term use.  Hallucinogens, such as Ecstasy, fall into the next slot. These dangerous and mind altering drugs are used by nearly 1 million people, while methamphetamine is the choice of about 731,000 users.

      The Rise of Prescription Pills

      Prescription drugs, which are having a noticeably growing presence in the world of drug abuse, were used by 7 million non-medical users. This statistic is startling, as access to these drugs is not as difficult as one would think. Consider the ease with which some doctors write prescriptions. Many are getting into the wrong hands, hence contributing to the improper distribution of these prescription drugs.

      One of the most dangerous things about prescription pills is that they are very accepted by society. The lines easily get blurred between using prescription drugs as a medical necessity, and abusing them. They are highly addictive so in many cases people get addicted by accident, and the drugs take over their lives. Once addicted to prescription drugs, it can be very difficult to quit. These drugs are most common in middle aged, middle class Americans, and are also one of the most prevalent drugs among women in this same demographic. Prescription drugs lead to many accidental overdoses.

      Another unsettling series of facts revolves around who is actually abusing these different drugs. According to the survey, most of these illegal drug users, around 13.4 million, are fully employed. They carry on their positions in a business setting while abusing. And out of the unemployed adults, 18.5 million are illicit drug users. Also, take note that 8.8 % of full time employees are drug users.

      As if those statistics aren’t disturbing enough, it is stated that 10.2 million people drive under the influence of drugs, not only endangering their own lives, but the lives of innocent bystanders.

      Drug abuse in the United States sadly continues to grow. With such abuse running rampant in our cities and towns, it is imperative that we work together to lower these statistics. America has one of the highest drug abuse rates in the world, so it is a change in mindset and a change in societal norms that will bring such a problem to a halt.


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