Oct 17, 2014 | By Tim Stoddart

7 Everyday Things You Can Do to Help Stay Away From a Drink


tips to keep you away from a drink

At one point in my life if someone told me that I would go over a week without having a drink I would’ve told them that they were absolutely insane. Getting  to the point where I was ready to stop, on both a physical and a mental level, seemed pretty much impossible. After coming that far I was terrified of going back to the same lifestyle that I was so familiar with. I’ve learned a lot of the past 5 years about what I can do to stay away from a drink, now the thought of drinking isn’t even part of my brain. It wasn’t always like that, in the beginning there were days that I white knuckled my way through. Here are 7 simple things you can do on a day to day basis to help you stay away from a drink.

Talk to other people about what you’re going through

Building a good sober support group was and is an essential part of my continued sobriety. Without having people around that can relate to the struggle that is early sobriety can put added stress into an already stressful situation. By verbalizing your want to drink to others who have felt that way can really help alleviate some of those cravings.

Find a hobby that can help pass the time

Find something that you enjoy doing and dive into it. Whether its reading, exercising, creating music or anything in-between. This will not only allow you to have fun but it can help you avoid picking up that first drink.

Don’t just sit and bask in your own misery

 If you’re having a bad day the worst thing you can do is just sit alone inside. You will get inside your head and in early sobriety that can be a very dangerous place to be. Go out and do something, go grab some coffee maybe look into volunteering. Just do something besides sitting alone.

Try and do something kind without asking for anything in return

I’m not talking about painting someone’s house for them or anything crazy but just try and be a better person daily. If you see some garbage on the sidewalk, throw it away. If you are walking into a store and there’s someone behind you hold the door. Don’t try and win the Nobel Peace Prize, but these small things can really make you feel better day to day.

Go to support groups

Not only will this help you build a sober support group but it will help give structure to your life. Having something to do everyday will help you stay out of your head. You never know what you may hear in an AA meeting or who you may talk to outside of a Celebrate Recovery Group.

Try and get a job

Many of us in early sobriety have left a lot of wreckage behind us and start off our road to recovery without a job. Obviously not having a job can lead to much unneeded stress and free time. If you have a job it will help give you some extra drive plus it never hurts to have some money in your pocket to help pay the bills.

Stay away from relapse heavy places

When in early sobriety there’s no reason to be going out to a bar at night. If you’re going to grab some lunch somewhere don’t be a moron and sit at the bar, go to a table or a booth and keep the cocktail menu where it is. If you’re a smoker and need some cigarettes don’t go to a liquor store to grab them. When food shopping you know what is down the wine and beer isle, and in case you don’t, it’s wine and beer. Just make smart choices there’s no reason to face unnecessary temptation.

These are just a few little helpful hints to help you get through the tough times in early sobriety. Remember how miserable you were at one point due to your drinking, that first drink will lead to another. Keep up the good work and be proud of what you’ve done, too many people die from this disease. Be thankful you’re not one of them/

6 responses to “7 Everyday Things You Can Do to Help Stay Away From a Drink

  • Greetings, I have been drinking for 25 years & have been trying to fight alcoholism for about two years. I went to detox 3 times and rehab for 30 days once. I did not stay sober for more than 30 days. I am a Air Conditioning Contractor since 2008 for the State of Florida with my own active company. Drinking has just about taken very thing from me, friends, family & colleagues (none of them do not get as wasted as me so they don’t want to be around me). All my things of value has been stolen, lost, broken or sold. My bills are hardly being paid only by the grace of my Higher Power and the blessing of my Parents helping me & they are really in no position financially to do so, My Parents have been there with me all along, even I know everyone has an end. I am trying again, this time I am taking a outpatient approach only to try & save the little I have left. This is something I contemplate with, should I just let everything go to shambles & put sobriety first into another inpatient program or should I try to balance my sobriety with trying to save the little I have left? I thank everyone for there comments they really do help, & I thank this website for letting me share. “Today I will be sober.” Stay strong everyone. Peace & blessings!

  • Hey there Alan. I’m very sympathetic towards your situation and wish you the best of luck. May I recommend trying Antabuse? it’s a pill that you take everyday that makes it so that a couple of shots will have you throwing your guts out to the point where you will never want to drink again. It might be a longshot but it was recommended to me by my therapist.

  • Antabuse is not for everybody Several people I know drank and took the pill. It had no effect on them. Just caused more damage to their health.

  • Dont drink and go to an AA meeting.
    Repeat every day for 90 days.
    Cost $0
    Sober 28years

  • Same as Jon said. Don’t drink, go to meetings, read the book, get a sponsor. Meeting makers make it. From Gail. Sober for 25 years.

  • my first wife was named gail who had a child with a guy named jon/Alexandria.if that’s you im glad your sober!

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