Feb 14, 2020 | By Katie Jones

5 Signs You’ve Turned Into A Badass.


I recently wrote an article titled Why I’m Not The Impressive- The Gift of Humility in Sobriety. I am here now with a slightly different message. What appears to be the opposite of humility, but let me explain. If you are working a program of recovery you, my friend, are a badass! I know, I know .. how do we embody both principles? Remaining humble to the human condition yet acknowledging the tough and good work we have done. Balancing healthy self-esteem and humility is a good and important thing to learn in the process of recovery. Knowing where you come from is so rich when it informs where you are going. I have the privilege to work in the field of recovery and I am inspired but what we, as a collective community overcome, the amazing character trait of resiliency. 

In an article titled Recovery and Resilience Connection, it states, “Resilience is defined as the ability to recover from setbacks, adapt well to change and keep going in the face of adversity. Learning to become more resilient can offer individuals the opportunity to improve their life, maximizing their potential and success.”

It really sounds like the definition of recovery. Adapting, changing and growing are all cornerstones of a healthy life. Addiction takes us to the depths of self-loathing and self-serving behavior. Coming out of that takes grit, perseverance, and strength. Being in recovery, I feel makes you a badass because you are willing to try over and over to improve your life and the lives of those around you. Being resilient is what lays underneath that process. Here are five reasons you’re a badass.

You’ve Gone Against the Grain of Society

Negative stereotypes make recovery a difficult thing to talk about, admit to and get help for. Society has many ingrained ideas about what it means to have fun and be included. Often admitting you have a problem comes with labels, disappointment, and mistrust. When you are entering into recovery you do it anyway. That is Badass.

You’ve Turned Over Your Power

Turning over your power makes you a badass. Depending on the program you are working this can mean different things. In one way or another, we are all letting go things including old friends, old lifestyles and old behaviors. Letting go goes against every addictive tendency of self-centered behavior and often a lifetime of ingrained beliefs that we can do everything on our own, including recover from addiction.

You’ve Faced Trauma

Chances are if you find yourself in the depths of addiction you’ve been through some type of trauma. Whether it is from childhood or past behavior, facing this head-on is unavoidable when you take away substances, and the numbing effect they have on personal pain. Badass. This is difficult work. Take a deep inhale if you are facing these tough issues, it only means you’re healing. 

You’ve Overcome Setbacks

Whether you have experienced relapse, personal, legal, or emotional setbacks, I think they say the only way forward is to go through it. At some point, you will find yourself on the other side and this does make you stronger. Not only does it make you a badass, I mean stronger, but it also makes you a better witness to share your experience, strength and hope with others. 

You Do The Next Right Thing

No, we don’t always do the next right things but we try. And there’s a lot to be said about trying. Bad#$$. Each step, big or small, builds character and new pathways to living. 

Being resilient means taking new and brave steps forward that continue to maximize success. It means trading old behaviors for new. It means thinking through how our behavior affects another. It means you are teachable, always learning and always growing. In my humble opinion, this is hard work and it makes you a badass. What do you think? And who do you know today that might need a reminder that they are a badass too?

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