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Putting Recovery On The Map

01-04-18 | By

TV’s Best Addicts

Whether we’re binge watching the latest shows on Netflix, or watching a series week by week; addiction and recovery exists everywhere on the silver screen. We love to watch these characters and some of them can be eerily similar to characteristics of those we in everyday life as they pillage through the journey of addiction.

Don Draper

Image Courtesy of Tadaomi Shibuya/Dutch Uncle

In season six, Roger Sterling points out to Don: “They say once you start drinking alone, you’re an alcoholic.” TV’s most complicated man is never too far away from a cocktail whether in the office or at home. Even in the 1950’s era, Don’s consequences from his addiction can be seen a mile away, whether he’s belligerently punching a buoyant evangelist or vomiting at a funeral. You can easily see what complicated webs Don Draper weaves as a direct result of his drinking.

Jesse Pinkman

Image Courtesy of Esquire

“Never get high on your own supply,” is exactly what our friend Jesse Pinkman does when he finds himself partnering with his high school chemistry teacher-turned Methamphetamine cook, Walter White. In his baggy sweatpants and skull cap exterior, Jesse conspires to sell Meth to addicts in Narcotics Anonymous meetings and we watch him stick it to his parents as he buys their home with his drug money. From drug-war, to gunfire, to loss, to treatment; our hearts beat almost as fast as a drug-induced Jesse while he’s on his quest for self-discovery.

Frank Gallagher

Image Courtesy of The Odyssey

As an unshaven unemployable alcoholic, Frank Gallagher is the charming unkept patriarch of his torn apart family (who are probably better off without him). If Frank’s not passed out drunk on floors or in the backyard, he’s usually gallivanting at the bar spending what little money his family has. He is a master-manipulator and is usually finagling his way out of situations like being in jail or covering up years of collecting a deceased family member’s social security. With a never ending wish-list for money, drugs and alcohol, Frank once lovingly convinces his son, Carl, that he may have cancer to earn money from a charity. We don’t think he’ll be coined “Father of the year” anytime soon.

Homer Simpson

Image Courtesy of Nerdist

This beer-gut bellied Dad is never seen far from his infamous “Duff Beer.” In fact, he’s probably drinking one right now.

“The Gang”

Image Courtesy of LitReactor

The 6th protagonist, of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” should be “Paddy’s Pub,” because rarely do we see an episode where Charlie, Mac, Dee, Dennis and Frank don’t swing by for a round or four at their self-owned pub. A major theme in the show is drug addiction, because most of the characters in the show have had one.


Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

The world’s favorite talking towel needs some Visene because those bloodshot eyes don’t add much to his soft blue complexion. Towelie is usually seen showing up giving paramount towel advice to the citizens of South Park with his slight southern accent. He was seen getting high 24/7 – usually on Marijuana, but has also been known to use Crack, Methamphetamine, and Computer Duster. Towelie finally wrang himself dry and has been sober since 2010. If Towelie can do it, so can you!

Jackie Peyton

Image Courtesy of Parade

With a weakness to Vicodin, Percocet, and Xanax, Jackie Peyton is a thick-skinned and unethical ER nurse whose promiscuity and bad habits create the perfect combination a double life. Jackie is the epitome of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” and finally enters rehab when her addiction is outed.

Drunk Uncle

Image Courtesy of NBC

Stumbling his way onto Saturday Night Live’s Weekend update with his ugly sweater and stiff smoking jacket, Drunk Uncle is a middle-aged blue collar American who clearly has an issue with Alcohol. His slurred ramblings about popular culture and haggling of the news anchors make us think he would have been a win-over back in his party days.

Christopher Moltisanti

Image Courtesy of HBO

An entrusted member of the DiMeo Crime Family in New Jersey, Christopher had been addicted to heroin, cocaine, and alcohol for years. Upon completing rehab, Christopher seemed to develop a cross addiction to Coca Cola, however would never fully conquer his addiction, returning back to drugs and alcohol. As a nephew and protege to Mob Kingpin, Tony Soprano, Moltisanti’s impulsive and narcissistic behavior has us biting our nails, smirking at the fact that we can relate to his character. In the end his frustration in the business and erratic behavior contributes to his murder caused by his infamous Uncle.

Wendy Case

Image Courtesy of FilmWeb

Addicted to Methamphetamine throughout her pregnancy, Wendy Case’s son is born 10 weeks premature and has a hole in his stomach. After being coerced into committing suicide via overdose, Wendy checks to a rehab in Malibu, California and ended up staying in a sober living facility sometime afterwards.


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