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      Name: Scott Woolley

      Age: 32

      Sober Since: 05 / 20 / 2015

      Sober For: 7 Years & 3 Days

      What it was like?

      I’m often asked why I don’t drink, do I miss it, and will I drink again? After falling in love with fitness in 2012, I found drinking was hindering my progress in the gym, and also in my life. Drinking was not making me happy anymore. I hated hangovers, I was less productive, less confident and less creative. I’d spent 8 years working in drug treatment, working with clients tackle their problems with drugs and alcohol, so naturally I started to reflect on my own drinking habits. Seeing the other side of substance abuse took some of the fun away.

      What happened?

      In 2013 I slowly started to phase drinking out of my life, from drinking every weekend, to every other weekend, to once a month. In 2014 I drank only on a handful of occasions, as I found the less I drank, the less appetite I had to drink again. The thought of writing off a day with a soul destroying hangover filled me with dread. In 2015 I’d just arrived in Australia on a working holiday visa and made the decision to take a full year away from alcohol and fully abstain. I found the first year easy. I had surrounded myself with people that shared similar interests to me - the ocean and the outdoors. There was nothing quite like finishing work and going snorkelling, learning to surf, or shooting sunsets at the beach. I did not miss alcohol one bit. Fast forward 12 months and I’d completed my first year sober. I celebrated this with committing to another year sober. In 2017 after 2 years with no alcohol, I committed to lifelong abstinence.

      What it is like now?

      Here are some of the positives I’ve taken away from this experience. •I’ve setup my own business where I feel fulfilled day-to-day •I’ve travelled around the world and experienced living in two other countries •Alcohol has not caused any conflict in my personal life or work life •I’ve saved thousands of pounds which has helped enable me to travel more, invest in my business, and my health •I’m fully accountable for all of my actions and have no drunken regrets •I’ve not been hungover in almost 5 years. No wasted days in bed feeling sick and anxious  •Relationships with friends and family have improved. They are more meaningful. I have a close knit group of friends who are in my life for a reason, they inspire me •I can go out and have a blast, but I’m now the designated driver •I’m more creative. I’ve just ran my first photo exhibition in two locations •Setting myself a goal and sticking to it has helped instil confidence with setting future goals, and in fully believing that I can achieve them  •I’ve had to resist the urge to drink and say no to people - this has helped improve discipline •I’m more active. I’ve recently started boxing lessons and working on mobility. My overall fitness has improved and I feel healthier. I’m mindful about what I’m putting in my body. My heads feels less fuzzy and more alert.

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