Name: Ralf Friedrichs, ABOC

Age: 54

Sober Since: 06 / 23 / 2013

Sober For: 11 Years & 30 Days

What it was like?

Life as a drunk was like living at the bottom of a bottle, always looking up and never finding a way out. That was up until June 22, 2013 when I looked up and saw light shining through the neck of that bottle. The light shinned so bright that I extended my hand and grabbed the light, it was then I felt as if the light put itself in reverse and pulled my up and out completely out of the bottle.

What happened?

After I hit rock bottom, I knew only one thing, I needed to change me, my life. I attended a few AA meetings but they were not good for me. I needed more involvement in my sobriety, 24/7 sobriety is what I needed. I started to study books, and then suddenly, like the light that shinned into the bottle, God extended his hand and said" Follow me" and I did that. He blessed me with an idea that would shape my new sober life.

What it is like now?

I took Gods idea, turned that idea into my first website "www,", then my second website" I then created my show called "Take Your Life Back Today Show" taping over 1440 videos. The name of my show is based on getting my life back. As time went by, over 17 rehab centers have my videos playing on their sites. I have been guests on other shows, I have interviewed many folks as time went on. In a nut shell, sobriety has given me a new lease on life and God has given me chance to help others through my show.

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