Name: Kimberly

Age: 38

Sober Since: 01 / 04 / 2012

Sober For: 12 Years & 139 Days

What it was like?

I was always a social drinker and around the age of 25 I had arrived. I drank everyday because as a single mom I felt I deserved it. It progress to day drinking to eventually 24/7 drinking. At first I had no consequences and a hi bottom when I first entered AA IN 2005. As time passed by the drinking continued and a new and lower bottom appeared.Due to my drinking I pretty much gave away everything- my jobmy relationship. I lived with my family and they had to practice not enabling me. The car was taken away. My sister called the cops on me when I was with my daughter at a pizza place inebriated. This started the child protective services family court. For many years I was hopping from detox rehabs and sober houses

What happened?

I surrendered in my last rehab in 2012. My sister passed away while I was in rehab. She has been ill since 2001. I thought to myself if she could fight for her life all these years then why couldn't I. I truly believe it was through all the prayer my family said that I had this spiritual moment.

What it is like now?

I have gained everything back that I gave away. I have custody of my daughter back.. I have a job with a major company for the last 4 years which allowed me to make financial amends. This allowed me to rebuild my credit and pay 15 years of debt so that I could have a reliable car. How did i do it- having a conscience contact with my higher power, doing the steps on a daily basis. Continuously doing service. I have taken on the commitment for GSR for my group. When I am asked to speak I do so. I know that in order for me to keep it I must give it away. I am always there for the newcomer. I must remain teachable honest open minded and willing.

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