Name: Genice

Age: 54

Sober Since: 04 / 08 / 1994

Sober For: 29 Years & 336 Days

What it was like?

Truth be told, it was fun in the beginning. That "I can conquer anything'' feeling, I was awesome at my job, socializing, getting out of the house.... having fun. Then it became SCARY! I was socializing with some of the scariest people I had ever met in my life. Getting out of the house and having fun turned into sitting in the house and being paranoid with the curtains closed. my life wasn't manageable and I had lost control.

What happened?

I was so sick of living this way. I believed that I had nothing else to look forward to then getting high. I had lost my kids 5 times to the system they charged me with child endangerment because my house had become such a pigsty and was dangerous for them, but not once did I get a charge for being under the influence or possession, so I didn't think I had a problem. All I had to do was get clean and stay clean to get my kids back, I couldn't even do that! now I knew I had a problem I called my PO and told them I needed help gave my kids up to the system and went into a drug recovery home for 7 months. the best decision I ever made in my life I got my kids back the life was not easy by any means, learning to live clean and sober was hard and something I had to take one day at a time.

What it is like now?

My life is still not easy, that's for sure, but I know how to have fun without drugs and alcohol now. I go to my meetings, keep in close contact with my sponsor and the women I sponsor. I remain teachable, because no matter how old we get, we are NEVER to old to learn new things. Life is good day at a time!

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