Name: Daniel j aguilar

Age: 33

Sober Since: 03 / 26 / 2019

Sober For: 5 Years & 110 Days

What it was like?

At first drugs were a way for me to express my freedom i was a spinal chord patent who found freedom tru chemicals (opiates) i had a 950$ pill habbit i had a nice car a nice place to stay and a beautiful family as my life progressed tru chemical reliency so did my curiosity for stronger opiates 11 years into my addiction i tryed heroin and loved it i gold myself ill never be an IV USER 4 short months later i got my first abcess from trying to "hit" this drug was for me insted of 950$ a week i was spending a fraction of that cost and became a full blown IV user OF HEROIN and METH i loved it and it robbed me ....

What happened?

I soon lost my car and most importantly my family i went from having a loving caring home to go back to all the way to sleeping under bridges by the railroad tracks and washes i was in out of 12 different rehabs in 2 years time across three states to overdosing 7 times in a year n halfs time..... Almost lost my arm to celluitis......

What it is like now?

I finally submitted to a NA BASED PROGRAM AND instantly liked it and was ready for chAnge i was asked how i knew thus time i was really ready to submitt and do it i said when i finally quit it was like watching my first kid born all over my heart shifted and my father instincts kicked in......i was enslaved by the very things i did to live free ans now ive gained gealing clarity of mind and freedom tru a chemical free life from 5 grams a day to JUST FOR TODAY....

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