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Putting Recovery On The Map

11-02-13 | By

How to be a Sober Girl

Who wants to get sober, I mean really? Didn’t your heart sink when you finally realized you couldn’t drinkanymore and the ‘fun’ was over? Even though by the time you quit drinking it had stopped being fun a while back.
sober girl
Our culture has a very strong belief that alcohol = fun, and I would go as far as saying that we also mistakenly believe we can’t have fun without it. Which is why quitting seems so drastic to most people.

When we get sober we realise we have been suffering from delusional thinking, and when restored to our right minds we begin to see the world differently. Thankfully, and to our amazement sobriety isn’t as boring and dull as all those drinkers out there painted it to be.

Isn’t that interesting?

Which is why I’m very vocal about being a recovered alcoholic. I want to tell the world that life without booze is a blast and that recovery rocks.

I’m tired of hearing about rock-bottom stories and drunk-alogues I want to hear about how great life is without the booze.

I know that it’s not always perfect and we all have challenges but that is the juice of life. It’s how we learn and grow.

At least now we are sober we have a chance to grow into the people we were always meant to be.

I got sober in my twenties and I wish someone had shown me things could have been different earlier. I wish that I had seen some kind of alternative to the partying lifestyle I was living. I really believe we need to start challenging the myths about drinking and sobriety that exist, especially for young people. We need sober role models, something that problem drinkers could aspire to. So with that in mind, I wrote the ‘Sober Girls Rules.’

Sober Girl Rules

  • Don’t drink alcohol. Ever.
  • Are true to themselves.
  • Are too busy having a good time to care what you think about them.
  • Are comfortable in their own skin.
  • Are often the coolest person in the room.
  • Make fun a priority.
  • Get up and seize the day.
  • Don’t care why you don’t drink or how you got sober, we’re just glad you did
  • Have sex when they want to and don’t regret it later.
  • Never make mistakes but instead create opportunities to grow
  • Live by their own rules.
  • No longer have regrets
  • Always leave the party with their integrity intact.
  • Show up when they say they will
  • Know sometimes the right decision is sometimes the difficult one
  • Stay sober because it brings exciting opportunities
  • Strive to live their truth above all things

Let’s rebrand sobriety!

Veronica Valli is the author of ‘Why you drink and How to Stop: journey to freedom’ available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes. She is a recovered alcohol, addictions therapist and life coach. Her blog is:


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