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Putting Recovery On The Map

04-02-18 | By

Sam Smith Puts Down The Booze And Talks Mental Health

Photo via Sam Smith/Facebook

Amidst the Grammy and Oscar awards that sit in his home, singer Sam Smith continues to live up to his superstar status and perform to a number of sold out shows and stadiums worldwide. However, the 25-year-old singer confessed in a recent interview that he still battles with mental health issues from time to time.

Opening up about his struggles with anxiety, and a desire to stay sober, the singer stated his “anxiety levels and mental health went through a shaky period at Christmas,” which has prompted him to quit alcohol and start meditating in hopes to help ease his anxiety.

“I get massive anxiety. I really struggle. I was so nervous at the Grammys this year,” he admitted in an interview with The Sun“I thought I would be more in control of my body and emotions but I get so nervous, to the point I’m almost having panic attacks. But I’ve started meditating now, I am not drinking, I am trying to look after my mental health.”

“When I’m Completely Clean, I Feel So Focused And Happy.”

Sam has made no secret of his mental health struggles, previously admitting he was in a ‘dark place’ after the release of his first album resulted in a meteoric rise to fame. He previously told The Daily Telegraph: “I ran into a hole and hid from it and slept with it and I’ve had my heart broken a few times.”

Photo via Grammys

Currently on his Thrill Of It All tour, the 25-year-old credits music as his therapy for his mental health issues; which came to a breaking point when he began drinking. He noted, “My song, ‘Burning’ is about the self-destructive element — I was going out drinking way too much. Of course, you want to celebrate that these amazing things have happened but you can’t celebrate all the time.” The singer plans to stay sober for the remainder of his tour, which wraps up at the end of the year, however he is giving serious thought to not drinking again.

“I’ve been completely off the booze for three weeks now. I never want to make promises but being sober is something I’m interested in,” he said. “When I don’t drink and I’m not smoking cigarettes, when I’m completely clean, I feel so focused and happy.”

“I don’t see myself drinking for the rest of the year because of the tour. I am more fun when off the booze — it’s nice. I am enjoying it now and we will see how it goes.”

“For Me, My Music Has Been My Therapy.”

Smith credits his second album to his emotional reaction to fame. “The fame is something I thought I wanted, and then when it happened it scared me,” he noted.

“Mental health issues are coming to the fore because people are starting to talk about it. So many people go through stuff. For me, my music has been my therapy. The singer noted, “My love for music has grown and been my saving grace. Performing has become more a part of my life than it ever was. As soon as the first two songs are done, my anxiety calms down.”

There is an added component additionally responsible for Smith’s continued happiness – boyfriend and recent beau, Brandon Flynn, the star of Netflix teen drama, “13 Reasons Why.”

Smith divulged, “I am having a really beautiful time right now. I am in a really happy head-space and learning so much. Just like any relationship, it’s important to have someone who understands your life. Sometimes I need people who I love around me to tell me, ‘Pull yourself together, you’re being a drama queen — it’s too much now, Sam, so rein it in.”

“It’s Everything I’ve Ever Dreamed Of.”

Recently caught locking lips with Flynn in London, the singer coyly remarks, “We are opposites but also similar in many ways and it is nice to have someone who understands — especially with the travelling. I have a house in LA and am all over the place. It’s great, we are young and it’s good to travel.”

Image via Highsnobiety

But he adds: “I’ve had all the parties, drunk all the drinks, and don’t see myself as a superstar in any way, shape or form. I just want to take care of myself and live a normal life. I still go home and get a hug from my mum when I’m sad. [My life] is everything I’ve ever dreamed of.”

Smith is currently on the UK leg of his tour, which is set to play all over the world including, Germany, Spain, Belgium, and the United States until it concludes in November.


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