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Sober Nation

Putting Recovery On The Map

06-25-19 | By

Is The Opposite of Addiction Connection? This Online Course is Breaking Barriers.

“The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection,” stated New York Times best-selling author, Johann Hari.

At Sobriety Engine, we’re building connection.

Form Deep Connections

“Human beings have a natural and innate need to bond. And when we’re happy and healthy we’ll bond and connect with each other,” Hari explained. “But if you can’t do that — because you’re traumatized or isolated or beaten down by life — you will bond with something that will give you some sense of relief,” he stated.

As a resource center and accountability group, Sobriety Engine is designed to help you stay sober by building connection, gaining coping skills, and finding community to gain the lives we’ve always dreamed of having!

For less than a Venti Starbucks Macchiato, you invest in your sobriety:

Recovery Courses

Gain access to two monthly courses as well as two bi-weekly courses on spirituality, relapse prevention, emotional sobriety, and more. With months of premium content and courses at your fingertips, gain perspective, insight and new techniques to gain awareness and take your recovery to the next level. You’ll also have instant access to courses published in the future.

VIP Access to a Private Facebook Group

Our private Facebook group allows us to speak more openly about our thoughts, feelings, and struggles in the privacy of people who understand. Deep-seated connections are crucial to sobriety. Form bonds and friendships with others who are going through the same things without leaving your house. After all, connection can be considered the opposite of addiction, right?

Daily Reminders

Each morning, you will wake up to a short note of encouragement, motivation, love and encouragement in your inbox to remind you every day why you are living a life of sobriety.

Monthly Round Table Chats

Each month, you’ll be invited to a chat through Zoom where we bring in an expert on a topic and share our own experiences about sobriety, relationships, work, or anything else that you may be struggling with.

Weekly Exercises

Apply the skills you’ve learned throughout the week! Every Friday, you’ll be send a short exercise, challenge, or task to keep you far away from a drink or a drug and designed to help you improve with each day moving forward.

By joining Sobriety Engine, you’ll gain tools to become happy and healthy. When you become happy and healthy, you can then form deep bonds, develop deep connections, and gain true freedom.

Let Sobriety Engine put your recovery on the map.

Sign up here.


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