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      Putting Recovery On The Map

      09-16-11 | By

      First You Must Believe In Yourself In Order To Succeed In Life

      believe in yourself

      Having self-esteem, self-actualization and being able to rationally set and achieve goals for yourself is essentially what believing in one’s self is all about. There’s nothing wrong with receiving a little help from time to time, or even a lot of help, depending on your situation and what you need help with. But if you’re the type of individual that doesn’t believe that you can accomplish much of anything without someone else basically doing everything for you, then you’re dependent, dependent on someone else when you don’t need to be if you can at all do anything by yourself.

      The first step that you need to take in being more independent and having a will of your own is to believe in yourself and your abilities, and have the attitude that you can, instead of you can’t do something. Second, you need to make a list of your strong points and qualities and work to enhance them; don’t focus on those areas that you’re not proficient in as of yet, continue to work on what’s holding you back in life until you can overcome those stumbling blocks. For example, if you slouch, practice sitting up and having and maintaining good posture. That will get you positive feedback from those around you if they see that you’re being positive about yourself. If you’re shy and an introvert, set aside a little time each day that you can work on making eye contact with others and getting out a little more to mingle with other individuals or join a group that you like, if at all possible, in order to assist you with being more social. You won’t become an extrovert overnight, but it’ll be a step in that direction.

      In order to have, follow and accomplish your dreams, you first have to have a dream. Your dream doesn’t have to be like someone else’s or it can be, it doesn’t have to be outstanding, just something that you’ve thought of that you would like to see come to pass, and make into reality. Just make sure that it’s your dream and not someone else’s that you’re living for them or that they’re living for you, make sure that your dream is what you want in life.

      Set reasonable dreams and goals for yourself that you have the ability to attain. Believe that you can accomplish that which you are seeking, and thinking about that makes you happy. Within reason, and know what that limitation is, don’t give up on what you believe in and would like to accomplish for yourself and see happen in your life. Know that regardless of who you are and where you are, you’re someone, you’re somebody, and you have an opinion that counts. Whether you express that opinion to others or keep it to yourself, you matter. This world is made up of over 6 billion individuals just like you, all of whom occupying their own place in society and contribute to making this world what it is in his/her or their own way.

      So, remember to believe in yourself. Before anyone else can believe in you and what you’ve accomplished, you must first and foremost believe in yourself and what you have and can accomplish in this world.


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