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      Putting Recovery On The Map

      01-21-19 | By

      6 Benefits of Seeking Treatment in Another Country

      Addiction is a worldwide problem, affecting all cultures. Many people have a genetic predisposition towards addiction, while others turn to harmful substances or behaviors in response to stress, loneliness, or a traumatic event. A person’s environment may play a large role in their move towards addiction – but it can also provide a way out. Rehabilitation should occur in a location where temptations are not present, and where there is ample time and space to make genuine progress. Rehab in Thailand, Spain or Costa Rica, for example, could be just the breath of fresh air that an addicted person needs to heal their spirit and get back on their feet.

      Given the right environment, addicted individuals can broaden their horizons, experiencing the vastness and variety of the world that exists outside of their addictive behavior. There are many very good rehab centers in foreign countries, which provide their clients with a responsive team of qualified therapists and medical staff for rapid recovery.

      6 Reasons to Seek Healing Abroad

      A complete rehab program is necessary for most addicts, but it needn’t feel dull. A change of scenery, with exposure to new cultures and new ideas, could lead to greater motivation for participation, sparking more constructive engagement during the rehab process. Here are some reasons to consider seeking rehab in Thailand or elsewhere around the world:


      By representing a physical separation from their clients’ personal triggers, rehab centers abroad can be more effective at commanding complete focus from the addicted people in their programs.

      A (Wellness) Holiday Atmosphere

      New surroundings mean there are plenty of places to explore, while the break from ordinary routine lets clients take a break from stresses and obligations back home. The entire experience of living overseas in a full-service treatment program represents a fundamental break from the mundane aspects of daily life, replacing it with an experience that feels almost like a vacation.

      Integrated Treatment

      Rather than relying on a single treatment method, rehab centers abroad often implement Western methods as well as Eastern traditions, with each reinforcing the other in a complementary way. For example, The Dawn Rehab in Thailand offers just such a program – mixing various forms of therapy with activities such as yoga, mindfulness training and massage.


      By putting themselves into new situations abroad, addicted individuals have a golden opportunity to explore new interests, hobbies and activities – and maybe even discover talents they didn’t know they had. This journey of self-discovery is fun and engaging, but the benefits go deeper than simply having a good time. Each positive experience helps build a new and healthy reward system in the brain, replacing the old wiring that associated pleasure with the harmful behavior associated with addiction. The more fun a person can have without drugs or alcohol, the more their brain will be re-wired to strengthen its connections with positive habits instead.

      Quality Care

      Reputable and well-established rehab centers overseas can provide world-class services and support for all types of addictions. In many cases, they are able to offer a far better staff-to-client ratio than rehab centers back home.


      Rehab centers in foreign countries are often able to provide excellent services for a price that is lower than in developed Western countries. From a purely financial standpoint, even factoring in the cost of the flight ticket, it may make more sense to seek rehab abroad.

      How it Works

      With the world now highly interconnected, traveling abroad has never been easier. The language barrier won’t be a problem, except for people headed far off the beaten path. International airports with modern facilities are now easily found, even in secondary cities. Staying connected with family and friends is simple with today’s devices and high internet speeds. Accommodation will be comfortable at any reputable rehab center, and the food can be made to fulfill specific tastes and dietary requirements.

      Signing up is simple, and most rehab centers abroad will respond to questions you send them online. They’ll also offer tips and guidance on how to get there, and any other things you will need to know when entering the country.

      Addiction Recovery at The Dawn

      As a highly reputable addiction treatment center in Thailand, The Dawn Medical Rehab and Wellness Center offers medical and therapeutic care to addicted individuals at their peaceful riverside location. Clients receive holistic treatment which focuses on the addiction itself, as well as any other underlying issues which may have contributed to it. This treatment is accompanied by a range of wellness activities to ease the body and spirit, while providing round the clock support thanks to their 1-to-1 staff-to-client ratio.


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