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Putting Recovery On The Map

08-24-17 | By

Yeah, This Was a Really Good Week

Happy Friday everyone!

We’ve got some new and exciting stuff in store but the first thing is the new lay of the land on the website! This website took us 6 months to rebuild. We are very proud of it and we hope you love it.

I’m so excited for you guys to check it out and give us your opinions!

Also, who saw that Solar Eclipse on Monday? What did you guys think?! I wore seven layers of sunglasses and still almost went blind… The sun may have blacked out for a little bit.. but we didn’t!

After I took proper caution for my eyeballs it made me realize that we are just tiny little grains in this Universe and that there is something bigger than you and me out there. I believe there’s no coincidence that each one of you and I have crossed paths. There’s a bigger purpose for each and every one of us and for that I am grateful!

Have a good weekend and check out what’s new this week!

Tim Stoddart

We Don’t Need Drugs to Get High

Life has turned out better that way. Sometimes we just want thrill-seeking, adrenaline-pumping, mantra-hunting, day to day highs because now we are truly living. This classic tank brings just that! We are now jewels of sobriety that has a crap load to bring to the world! (Just don’t let that inflate your ego.)

High on Life Tank

Thanks, Mr. President!

Donald Trump has now, and FINALLY declared the opioid crisis a state of emergency and has said that his administration will be spending a lot of time and effort on solving this epidemic. Check out what that entails and get all the clear cut facts.

Better Late Than Never!

School is in Session!

With August winding down and some cracking open the books, things can get hectic. We’ve gotten great feedback from the Jump Start Your Recovery Course, so why not take a little extra time and enhance and ensure your sobriety? Recovery is a daily process and with the online course that we offer you’ll be sure to get a little ass kicking and stay on point.

Check it out here!

Congratulations Jacqueline!

Jacqueline just posted her sobriety story and she just celebrated 12 (that’s TWELVE) years! We are blown away with the honesty and humility she has shown! Talk about taking a story and using it for the better! She has done some hard work and has shown what staying in recovery can do and the benefits you can receive. Make sure to tell her congrats!

Read Jacqueline’s story here

Want to become a Recovery Comedian?

In this podcast, recovery comedy booker, Rich Stimbra tells us all about aspiring comics and comedians that he comes across and the elements that make a great comedy show. Listen to his hilarious story about the worst audition tape he’s ever come across.

This iQuit podcast had us cracking up!

If I Can Do It, Anyone Can Do It

I went through a lot in early sobriety and had some health issues. It took me awhile to get motivated and get to a point where I really felt like I was gaining more benefits from being sober. Today, I have two years clean, I own a small business, I was able to increase my credit score from a 410 to a 611, and open up three bank accounts. I’m not bragging or boasting, hoping someone, somewhere gets some hope out of my story.

No drug I’ve ever done feels half as good as success.

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