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Putting Recovery On The Map

01-26-18 | By

Why It’s Essential To Not Settle


Happy Friday, everyone!

I was really thinking about the topic of “settling” this week. How do we know if we are settling for mediocre or average? I feel that there is too much good in life to settle for anything less. Are you content? Do you do things that make you happy? I have an average life. I’m sober, and I contribute to society, but there’s still more I need to do.

I take action everyday in an attempt to move above and beyond the life I want for myself. By knowing I’m doing all I can to work towards these goals keep me happy. I get to do what I love to do each day, and it’s truly another blessing I’ve come across in this life, however, I’ll never stop trying to accomplish all I’ve dreamed of. Why? Because, it is possible. 

Stay classy,

Tori Skene

Need Some Help?

Just because the New Year has passed, doesn’t mean it’s too late to start on your yearly resolution. Need a boost in your recovery? Feel stagnant? Or maybe you just want a new perspective.

Our “Jump Start Recovery” Course May Be What You Need

Tom Petty’s Cause Of Death Revealed

The Los Angeles coroner released a report last week with statements on the rock legends cause of death. Along with that report, Petty’s wife and daughter took to social media to convey captivating remarks regarding the opioid epidemic.

The Singer Was Previously Treated For Multiple Health Issues

Sober As $#@!

In this week’s Shair Podcast, Brandy Jouikov talks about her severe alcoholism accompanied by bulimia. Brandy also shares about being a young Mom, an active participant in the online recovery community and being the host of her own podcast.

Let’s Talk Recovery

2 Years and 194 Days

Congrats on your sobriety Marti! In this week’s featured sober story, shared what it was like, what happened, and how the miraculous journey of recovery has impacted her life today.

It Takes Courage To Submit Your Story. Do It Here!

Walmart Is Taking A Stance On Opioids

Last Wednesday, Walmart pharmacies joined the fight against the opioid epidemic by releasing a product that provides their patients with a safe way to dispose unused opioid prescription drugs… without having to leave their house.

Walmart Pharmacies Provide DisposeRX For Free

Original Gangster

Wednesday was the 47th anniversary of the passing of hero and founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson. NewLyfe’s T-shirt of the week puts a modern perspective on this classic old-timer.

Original Gangster

Authorship Program

As some of you know, we have opened up SoberNation to outside writers as a chance for them to create value and possibly grow their own sober blogs or brands. It has been really great to feature these writers work and shine the spotlight on creative and talented people in recovery.

Interested? Learn more and send me an email.


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