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Putting Recovery On The Map

01-19-18 | By

Where I Go When I Feel Like Crap


Happy Friday, SoberNation!

I’ve been feeling complacent lately. When this happens, I get this feeling in my gut – one that tells me that I need to spend more time away from my phone, the chaos in my mind, and more time with my Higher Power. When this happen’s, I know it’s time to go to my “secret-spot” or my “safe-place.” This place is a labyrinth in the middle of a robust city.

When I go there, the cascading trees seem to act as a ceiling – like nature has created it’s very own dwelling. The stars have a soft glow through the branched sky as to create God’s perfect ambiance. And there I find myself, a speck in the wind, in this giant world. Nonetheless, each time I show up the beauty beyond the trees still remain. If for a second, here, I can just “be.”

What’s your safe spot?

Here’s what you missed this week!

Tori Skene

As A Women In Recovery

As a woman in recovery I’ve learned a multitude of things, I used to be a low-key, sketch-ball. Since I’ve been sober, I’ve learned a handful of things.

I Know Who I Am

You Didn’t Fail.

I relapsed more times than I can count, but that doesn’t mean that I need failed. I got back up again and did something different. We’ve unveiled a brand new course on Sobriety Engine and if you’ve gone down this path it may meet your needs.

The Ultimate Relapse Toolkit

Calling All Skateboard Fans

Brandon’s early years were stamped indelibly through family turmoil juxtaposed against his incredible and clearly God-given skateboarding talents. Brandon’s rare life fueled his self-described superiority complex, which added to his drug and alcohol abuse.

The Way Out Podcast Featuring Brandon Novak

Coffee Is My D.O.C.

I don’t know about you, but these days I can’t open my eyes without a cup of joe in the morning. NewLyfe has a brand new mug created by Tim. Use it as a gift or show it off and make your friends jealous.

I Can’t Get Enough Coffee

You Rock, Lani!

Lani has 245 days sober, but who’s counting? In her sober-story, she lets us in on her methamphetamine addiction, how she ended up seeking treatment, and what her life is like today.

Want To Be Featured? Submit Your Story. 

What Do You Know About Navy SEALs?

I had the pleasure of speaking with Justin McMillen, founder of Tree House Recovery in Southern California last week. His modality using Navy SEAL tactics are changing the standards of addiction treatment, and are paving their way as a pioneer in today’s industry.

Navy SEALs’ hell-week can help recovering addicts

Living With An Alcoholic

Featured writer, Kylah, gives us an in-depth and bare-bones look at what at the characteristics, symptoms, and dangers can be from living with an alcoholic, and what you – as a loved one – can do about it.

Identify The Symptoms


Reboot Your Recovery