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Putting Recovery On The Map

12-01-17 | By

When The Phone Weighed 100 Pounds


Happy Friday Sober Nation!

I hope you all had a fantastic week back from the holiday! With that being said, I am exhausted and so happy that the weekend is here!

I remember when I got sober, I thought that the world owed me something. After all, I was now a newly formed productive member of society, no longer entangled in lonely island of self-pity and dungeon of lies and deception. I thought that for a second everyone should genuinely appreciate the fact that I got up, made my bed, and took the bus to my mediocre recovery job. They should’ve have a permanent “wow-factor” sewn upon their face each time I walked in the room. But, just like everyone else I worked with who was already a productive member of society, nobody was impressed but myself. My ego soared like a jetliner. And I had to learn the hard way. My ego had to deflate and I slowly had to dip my toes into the swimming pool of humility.

Humility is so simple, yet so profound. Do you remember when the phone weighed a bajillion pounds? Sometimes when I am struggling it still does. But in doing that, I find this newfound friend of humility, and it fulfills my need to be a part of a significant whole. The action of getting sober isn’t something that one can do alone, and the art of togetherness and oneness while attempting to reach out for help is no doubt intimating. But through that humility is learned. Without humility I don’t think I could have remained sober. It is an incredible and necessary virtue to this journey that puts us in our place exactly where we need to be.

Humility let’s us enjoy the little things and have a new appreciation. Remember those sunsets that we missed because we were too busy getting high? We can now gasp in their beauty. The family that we once cheated because of our lies and selfishness? We can now enjoy the time we spend with them. The person looking back at you in the mirror you once despised? Now we get the opportunity to learn to accept them. By losing all I had, I gained so much more.

Through this new way of living we don’t have to miss out on life anymore. 

Enjoy this week’s lineup!

With much love and humility,

Tori Skene

Do You Know If Your Loved One Is Using?

In this week’s “Cover 2” Podcast, Detective Piatchek from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office discusses how to detect the signs of opioid addiction in a family member and how to potentially prevent an overdose.

Reading The Signs Of Addiction

The Doctor is In!

New Lyfe Clothing’s T-Shirt of the week features one of our favorites, and one of the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous, Dr. Bob. We put our millennial and 21st century spin on it. Check it out.

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Wake The Hero!

In this life-changing interview, you will learn how to reprogram your brain, use chaos to grow, and take ownership of your life. You will also hear Wesley’s astonishing story of abuse and neglect, and how he rose up to become his own hero when all odds were against him.

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Our Hats Our Off To You, Brooke!

Brook just celebrated 4 years of sobriety! Brooke was just trying to survive day by day and staying high and drunk throughout it. Today, she has a family that loves her and a wonderful job, and loves life even when it seems to be routine. Want to submit your sober story?

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Rehab Romance?

In Episode 67 of Far From Finished Michelle talks about meeting her husband while in treatment in Texas. They met each other at a very beautiful time in their lives when they were ready to change and be better. Every goal they’ve set, they’ve accomplished together. It can happen.

Finding Love In Treatment Pt. 1

How Controversial Is Kratom?

We all know that there’s about the biggest war on drugs that there has ever been, but who all knows about the smaller war on the substance, Kratom? And if you are a person in long-term sobriety, is it considered a relapse?

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Don’t Put Your Recovery On The Back-Burner

There’s no doubt that life gets crazy, and we can’t stay sober on yesterday’s actions. Everyday counts and that’s what our 30 day online course can help with. Read through a course each day, and take a little bit of time for YOU. Ready to start?

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