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Putting Recovery On The Map

10-06-17 | By

What A Week And What A Life

what a week what a life


No matter what corner of the globe you’re in, there’s no doubt that things have been crazy for everyone this week!

Newsstands and news feeds have been stockpiled high with information circulating about the devastation of the Las Vegas massacre and the devastation from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Our hearts go out to the victims of each tragedy.

I glance over these things while I continue my crazy day, and for a brief moment I have to take a step back and remember that I get to continue my crazy day, all while sober too.

I get so caught up in the day to day madness I never really stop and take a good look around at the life that goes on around me, and when I do take a step back, I feel incredibly grateful for the smallest things.

I get to go to work, I get to drive my car there, drink my clean water, work on my computer, I get to get some good exercise in the bright Florida sunshine, and hang out with the ones I love most.

I think when I do stop and take a look at the small things, I tend to get the most value out of life.

What are the little things that you’re grateful for? Hit that reply button and let me know.

Also, check out all the great things we’ve got for you this week!


Tim Stoddart

Does Ecstasy Really Cause Holes In Your Brain?

I can tell this is really going to be a great series! The common myths and misconceptions about drugs are unveiled by Lauren Brande as she dives into the truth and vital evidence (or lack) of rumors that are constantly circulating the globe.

Check out the “Let’s Talk Drugs” Podcast

Stinkin’ Thinkin’

You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t get caught up in negative thinking from time to time. This simple, yet realistic article brings to light the insight of how negative thought patterns can affect your thinking and your recovery. And even better, we’ve come up with a list of ways to combat them.

8 Tips To Combat Negative Thinking

Half A Decade Sober!

We want to give a big shout out to one of our members, Patricia! She just celebrated five years of sobriety! In her inspiring story she shares with us how life is today, and what it was like while she was incarcerated. She’s learned to love herself and has gained a new appreciation for life! You rock, Patricia!

Read Patricia’s story here

Stay Ahead of Your Recovery

With all the craziness that has been going on these past couple of weeks in the world, we can’t stay sober on yesterday’s actions. Everyday counts and that’s what our 30 day online course can help with. Read through a course each day, and take a little bit of time for YOU. Sounds pretty nice to me!

Jump Start Your Recovery Course

Music is Our Drug

With this past week’s passing of the iconic Tom Petty, we thought we would share a little bit of homage to our newfound drug of choice, music! Music can lift us, send us to new heights, and when you’ve got the right groove, can make turn your living room into a dance floor.

Bob your head and look cool doing it, here!

Want to write for Sober Nation?

Do you like writing? Sober Nation has always been about community and we love featuring different minds and perspectives on our website about recovery. We’ve launched our authorship program and it’s rocking!

Write for Sober Nation


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