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Sober Nation

Putting Recovery On The Map

07-25-16 | By

Tim’s #SoberStory [Video]

tims sober story

In the first ever Sober Story video Tim gives us his version of what it was like, what happened and what it’s like now. Tim gives some great insight to what he has learned from his 6 years in recovery and also gives us a little background on his life and his family. Find out how you relate to Tim by watching his video below.

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Hi everybody. My name is Tim Stoddart with If any of you caught my video earlier, then you’ll know that this video is the first ever Sober Stories video. I’m gonna kick this off to give a little bit of an example but before I get started, I want everyone to know that the purpose of these videos is for YOU, for the Sober Nation community, to be able to share your experience, strength and hope with the rest of the community through video.

We do great things with the Sober Since pictures, people love to share their pictures and I have a good good feeling that once we get the hang of this, people are really going to love to give a little testimonial and to show others that recovery is worth it, and to show people that are struggling, that you can do it that you can get sober and you can have the life that you’re looking for.

So, my name is Tim. I was born in Philadelphia in Chestnut Hill hospital. I grew up with a great family. We struggled a lot, but my family was really full of love and still is full of love. My mom, my dad, my little sister, my aunts and uncles my cousins my grandparents, we’re all really tight. It’s apparent to me and has always been apparent to everybody that we loved each other a lot. With that being said, you know, you know life is hard. We had our family struggles. For whatever reason, I never blamed my addiction on the struggles with my family but I always knew that I felt a little bit different than people. I would hang out with friends and feel uncomfortable so I’d say “you know what maybe I’m better off being by myself.” Then I would be by myself and say “Man, maybe I would be better off hanging out with friends.” I would say something and second guess myself and then I would be quiet but tand I would feel insecure so I could never get comfortable in my skin.

Eventually, what happened to me was… really it was opiates. That was the real camel… the real straw that broke the camels back for me. You know I always experimented, I always liked to have fun, I always like to be outside of myself and be enjoying excitement in whatever way I could. It wasn’t until the real withdrawal process came in that I started to feel that desperation. Like “man, I can’t live my life like this.” I knew I was a drug addict, I knew I always had those weird personality quirks so eventually, long story short. My mother had some kind of emergency surgery in California and I was very very sick and I felt awful because I couldn’t be there for my family. When I came home I had a conversation with my dad and my uncle and it was pretty much brought to my attention, and everyone already knew we just said it out loud, that I had a real problem and I needed to get help. I went to treatment in this little town called Newtown outside of Philadelphia. I did my 30 days and it was really hard. After that, I moved down to Florida and it was really hard but you know what? It’s gotten easier. You know what I like to say, I don’t know if life or sobriety has gotten easier. I think the more time is sobriety that I have, I’ve just continued to get stronger. You know, so I get my first year and some kind of life challenge that I would feel today would really really throw me off and I’d have to kind of white knuckle it and go to tons of meetings and tell people about this huge problem that I have. These days, if something like that would happen to me, you know, it sucks, but you just get through it. My sobriety has become stronger, my thin, my skin is thicker. I’ve learned a lot about myself and you know what, I go to bed so easy at night. I love it, I couldn’t be happier.

I don’t like to preach too much about me being sober. I know that’s hard for people to believe because of the website and Sober Nation but I’ve intentionally tried to kinda stay behind the scenes with it all because I don’t want me to be the face of it. I want everybody to be the face of it. But if somebody asks me, why is it that you’re so happy? or how do you keep this level of contentment? It’s always the same things. I exercise, I meditate, I get that angst that’s naturally inside of me out through those processes and I’m grateful for what I have. It’s my recovery and it’s my sobriety that has given me the right perspective to remain grateful and to see how truly blessed and lucky I am to have the life that I do.

So, that’s my story. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I hope you got something from it. Most importantly, I hope so much that I’ve inspired you to share your own story. That’s what we’re doing here. We’re not preaching to anybody. We’re not telling anybody that they need to get sober or that this is what they need to do. We’re just simply sharing our hope and experience to show somebody else that might see it. They might be having a bad day, they might be drinking and hey, this guy can do it, I can do it too. I think that’s what it’s all about.

Thank you so much for joining me, thank you for your attention. I hope to get some feedback from you. Email me if you’re interested in sharing your story. It’s I look forward to hearing from you.


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