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Putting Recovery On The Map

12-29-17 | By

This Was A Tough Year


What is up everyone?!

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is coming to a close. For many people I know, this was a tough year. This time of year I like to reflect on the positive and the negative moments that happened. For me, there was heartbreak, loss, joy, and much growth. I learned to stop asking why I got this amazing life, and have learned to accept it. The positive moments are ones to cherish, but the negative one’s I’ve come to value because they have helped me grow.

I hope everyone reading this comes to find some type of value in their negative moments while looking back, even when life gets hard, painful, or unfair.

As we close this year of weekly roundups, I want to share some of the top stories we’ve had along the way – with some great ones from this week.

Are you glad to see 2017 go? Let me know and see you next year!

Tori Skene

Why NYE Is Better Sober

In the past December 31st was just one of my great excuses to get messed up. Any kind of celebration was a chance for me to chug booze. While it is custom to celebrate the night with copious amounts of alcohol, I’ve come to have more fun staying sober.

Check Out My Reasons

Don’t End The Year On A Bad Note

Take your sobriety to the next level in 2018 and Jumpstart Your Recovery with our 30 day course that is devoted to developing and growing your sobriety. Do it all from your smartphone or computer. and get a snippet sent to your inbox daily.

There Is Always Room To Grow

What’s Your Why?

What motivates you to stay sober? There is no right or wrong answer. It is okay to give yourself permission to get sober so that you can get your life back. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Sobriety brings us peace and serenity and most of all, it gives us options.

Tell Us Your’s

You Rock, Loretta!

We have been getting some great sober stories lately, and Loretta’s doesn’t disappoint. She has 8 years of continuous sobriety and explains in a simple way what her life was like and what it’s like now.

Submit Your Sober Story!

3 Tips To Help You Be Yourself In Sobriety

Tim says it took some practice and trial and error, but after awhile he started being comfortable with who he saw in the mirror. Of course, using substances gets us out of our shells, but how do we do that when we’re sober?

For Anyone Who’s Stuck In This Rut

Sober Grind

We’ve got a brand new podcast for you, and the very first episode is about staying sober throughout the holiday season. In the first episode they discuss major triggers, how to address visiting with friends you used to use with and a lot more!

The Sober Grind Podcast

Growing Up With An Alcoholic

There are some patterns that we find ourselves in as adults when we have an alcoholic parent or loved one in the household. I’ve learned to take these patterns with me where ever I go. Some of them serve me, and some of them still negatively impact me today.

I’m A Control Freak


Reboot Your Recovery