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Putting Recovery On The Map

03-02-18 | By

This Man’s Story Is Shaking Up The Recovery Community


Happy March everyone!

It’s so hard to believe that spring is upon us! Last week, I had a chance to interview Tim Ryan, dubbed “Dopeman,” who is an activist in the fight against opioids. After battling addiction himself and losing his son to an overdose, I found this man to be compelling and deeply intriguing. With his “stop-at-nothing” attitude and “in-your-face” tactics, he is bound to reach thousands and bring awareness towards this epidemic of geographic proportions.

Tim will be joining us next Monday for a Facebook Live video and we will be discussing topics on this issue that you won’t want to miss. Have any questions? Email me!

Stay classy,

Tori Skene

Taking Another Step Towards Sobriety

We’ve been getting a lot of great feedback from our online courses. Have you taken one? Sobriety is all about learning more about ourselves and each other, finding emotional balance, balance in our lives, and having new experiences. That’s what our courses are all about.

Live Up To Your Fullest Potential

Sex & Drugs

In this podcast, Lauren explores the issue of sexual consent and how substances like drugs and alcohol are used in both consensual and non-consensual sex. She discusses the ways that substances are used in sexual assault and what the fallout of this can be for victims.

Let’s Talk Drugs

Too “Cool” To Be Young & Sober

When I drank, I was always looking for the quick fix. That right time. That perfect moment. Whatever made me look coolest and smartest, that’s what I went for first. The problem with trying to look “cool” is you are stripping yourself the possibility of joy, connection, and true happiness.

Change Your Attitude, Change Your World

Congratulations, Alexander!

“After 10 years of being tired and the loss of a dear friend, I decided to face myself and change my life by getting sober.” A huge congrats to Alexander who has over 5 years of sobriety!

Submit Your Story Here and Inspire Thousands

Don’t Get Caught In That Negativity!

Being in a negative mind frame can turn our world upside down. But, how do we get out of that? We’ve begun this new life, but somehow we’re stuck with a negative outlook.

6 Ways To Combat Negative Thinking

Deal of the Week

Tim just released a new tee shirt. It’s a simple design, but the message speaks volumes. Use discount code “never” at checkout to get 10% off.

Click here to buy the shirt. It comes in 4 colors.



Reboot Your Recovery