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      Putting Recovery On The Map

      04-19-19 | By

      The Power of Self-Talk in Recovery

      You can do this. You were born to be great. It is your destiny. Every tear shed, every bone broke, every stitch sewn was all for this moment. No pain you are about to face will ever amount to all that you have already endured. What was once inconceivable is now achievable. There is no doubting. There is only certainty. The noise that you have heard throughout life will go silent. It is just you and your destiny. Inch by inch. Step by step. There is no stopping you. All those times you quit have strengthened you for this moment. You can still taste the pain of failure and it will drive you to keep pushing. Suck it up, your time is now. Nothing that gets in your way can handle the strength you now contain. You have done the work. You can. You will. You must.

      Failure After Failure

      So how did you get here? Through failure after failure. Through tough love. Through trial and error, and more error. But you didn’t let anything stop you. You have built up your mind and nothing in the world is stronger than a determined mind. You have learned the hard way self-inflicted or not. You went through hell to get here. The critics haven’t stopped chirping, but that only added fuel to the inferno that was forming. Anger, resentments, sadness, depression, and more anger are all going to be released on this moment. This moment is exactly what you are meant to experience. You can. You will. You must.

      Shhh, listen closely. You hear that? It has gotten so quiet.

      “you can’t, you aren’t good enough, you’re such a failure, you blew your chance, you’re going nowhere in life, what the fuck is wrong with you?”

      All these voices have been silenced.

      How? Because you didn’t take “no” for an answer. Because you are meant to inspire. Because you are everything you always wanted to be. Because you back up what you say. Because you are a man of your word. You may have been all those things at one point in your life, but today, today you are burying all of it for good. You were built for this very moment. You can. You will. You must.

      You DID.

      I know it’s hard. No one said it was going to be easy, but that’s why you have worked your ass off each day to get a little better. You wanted to quit. You doubted yourself. You thought you should just give in. Who were you to think you could be great, an inspiration, and lead a path to greatness? You are the man who was up when everyone else was sleeping putting in the work. The work no one sees is why you will silence the critics. Remember those nights you cried and begged for it all to end. Remember those moments all alone and hopeless. You persevered. You are an example of hope. You can. You will. You must.

      Your time is now. Go out and show the world who you really are. Go out and show the world what is possible. You can. You will. You DID.


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