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Putting Recovery On The Map

12-15-17 | By

The Crucial Fact I Learned Spending Christmas Alone


Happy Friday and Happy 4th day of Hanukkah!

There’s something about a group of people trying to reach the same end goal that inspires me… It pushes us to be greater and bigger and better than ever before. The motivation ends up being for not just one person, but for the entire unity of the group.

I remember a couple of years ago I was rehab for the holidays. I spent Christmas alone. My family or friends didn’t call me or answer my calls because of the havoc I wreaked and the damage I did. I told myself I would never let that happen again. Now, each year I’ve had the chance to reflect. Because of that time in my life, I’ve come to recognize just how lucky I have become.

Fast forward, and today I have the best life. Because of that time, I’ve come to recognize just how lucky I have become mostly because of the people that surround me and fill my life. Being alone sucks. It’s hard enough to do life – let alone sobriety by yourself.

Here at Sober Nation we are doing things bigger and better than ever, but there is just one thing missing. YOU! 

We want to hear what you want to hear! 

Just click reply to ask me a question or to give some feedback about what you want to see in the future. Your message will come directly to my inbox.

Stay serene,

Tori Skene

The 10 Best Ways To Get Sober And Save Money

These days the cost of living is getting higher, and so is the cost of getting sober. Have you spent everything you have on getting your next drink or drug? We’ve put together a cost-prohibitive list of resources to help you get started.

10 Cost Effective Ways To Start Your Journey

You’re Clean… But You’re A Mess

As a teenager, Sasha suffered from clinical depression and social anxiety. When she found alcohol, she thought it was the answer to all her problems. Eventually Sasha received help, but that wasn’t the end of her journey. After she got sober, she discovered she had deeper problems with food and codependency underneath it all. This week on the Shair Podcast, recovery lifestyle coach, Sasha Tozzi tells all.

Social Anxiety, Self-Image and Addiction

We Want To Know Why…

Why do you stay sober? We’ve received so many answers, but we want to hear your’s! Sobriety has given us our life back. It’s meant to be enjoyed. If you’re hesitant to say that’s why you initially got sober, don’t be. Sobriety gives us so many more options than we’ve ever had before. Sure, we want to help our fellow alcoholic but it’s okay to be a little bit selfish.

What’s YOUR why?

You Go, Girl!

Kristina has been sober since July 18th, 2014! She recently shared with us her story! Kristina didn’t think she had a problem, until her entire paycheck was going to her drug dealer. She had an intervention, received help, and today in her own words, “her life couldn’t be any better.”

We love hearing from you! Submit your sober story here.

Our Favorite T-Shirt To Date

This design took Tim years to make. He described his process, “When I was growing up, my mom had pictures and statues of ballerina’s all over the house. I’ve always had a thing for dancers. One of the first concepts I ever had was to make a beautiful ballerina who was edgy. It was my way of saying that you can be beautiful and elegant and edgy and free all at the same time.” We’ve got T-Shirts for men and crop tops for women!

Get Yours Here!

New Years Resolution?

2018 is right around the corner. Do you want to take your sobriety to the next level? If you’re struggling to get there are you ready to finally put the substances down for good and for all? This past year we’ve launched two courses on our Sobriety Engine! These daily courses come straight to your inbox. When life gets chaotic grab your smart phone and scroll through your email for 10 minutes. We are sure it will help.

Jump Start Your Recovery

Do You Like Writing?

Do you have a passion for words? Want to get your ideas about sobriety across the inter-webs? We would love to have you contribute to SoberNation! It’s an easy process. Plus, now you’ll be able to tell all your friends that you’re kind of a big deal.

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