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Putting Recovery On The Map

07-15-15 | By

The Addiction Show: Helping to Erase Stigma


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Addiction is ugly, nasty and a hell that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. We see the devastating effects of substance abuse on the nightly news and in our own backyards. It is a problem that is the elephant in the room, and yet it is an issue that people avoid having serious discussions about it because of the stigma that is attached to it.

Even though our understanding and views of addiction are constantly changing and we look at those who are addicted in a more humane light, the stigma surrounding addiction is still strong. Despite all the advances in treating this disease and the ways we can help those in need, addicts still can get painted into a corner.

How can we create meaningful discussion that brings forth change? How can we help to erase the stigma of addiction and create an environment of help, love and support?

A major way this can happen is being able to share our stories of recovery and hope and talking about addiction issues that impact us all in an environment that is real and spontaneous. One woman is doing just that.

Meet Shira Goldberg

A Chance Meeting on Twitter

A few weeks ago I was surfing through Twitter, looking for article inspiration and to see if I can find cool and interesting people to follow. I kept running across the name Shira Goldberg as a “suggested follow”, and I decided to follow my bliss and checked out what she was all about.

Shira is a graduate student at the University of San Francisco who is studying to become a psychotherapist and a drug and alcohol counselor (very cool!). She is also a recovery coach and trainer and founder of Goldberg Sober Coaching which provides strength-based and solution-focused coaching and training services on an in person and online basis.

Very, very cool….

While those credentials were impressive, what really caught my attention was the fact that she is the host of a YouTube-based podcast called The Addiction Show. It was something I definitely had to check out for myself.

The Addiction Show: A Laptop, Some Moxie, and a Mission

Started in 2013, The Addiction Show tackles a wide variety of addiction-related issues and brings to the forefront relevant and timely topics that showcases all of what the recovery community has to offer. In talking about how the show started, Goldberg wrote the following:

“People who haven’t seen the show sometimes ask me what the show is about or how it began. So here ya go…I was doing a lot of research and kept coming across pretty amazing resources and people. I wanted to share them, alternatives specifically, with those interested in the areas of addiction, recovery and help destigmatize it by talking about it.  Since I had a laptop, and some serious chuzpah, I decided to embark on a journey where I interact with those that inspire and that I adore.  The Addiction Show was born.   It is a show that has me as a host: raw, unscripted, (and obviously unedited) on most Fridays, interviewing the people I have come to admire.”

As a person in recovery herself, Goldberg felt that the best way to bring recovery to the forefront was to reach out to experts, organizations and those who are in recovery to share their knowledge in an informal and spontaneous matter. When you watch The Addiction Show, it isn’t stuffy, formal and sanitized; it appeals to our innate desire to communicate freely and openly.

You feel that you can let your guard down and speak unfiltered, much like a conversation with a good friend over dinner or coffee.

A Chance to Share My Story

After watching a couple of episodes on YouTube I decided to take a chance and contact her. After a couple of quick emails, we talked on the phone and I pitched the idea of writing about The Addiction Show for Sober Nation.

What I didn’t expect, though, was an offer to do an episode of the show in return.

So a couple of weeks ago, I did an interview for The Addiction Show and I had an absolute blast. Shira is an excellent host who is energetic, exudes California cool, and has an engaging and infectious energy that makes you feel comfortable and able to chat all day about anything.

In the course of our interview, we talked about Sober Nation, writing, my addiction and recovery story and anything else that came into my mind at the time.

The show will air Friday, July 17th and can be seen on YouTube. I will post a link on the Sober Nation Facebook page. Check out the show on YouTube and subscribe to her page. You can also visit the website at Additionally, you can find out more about her work as a recovery coach and trainer by visiting

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